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Cyst Removal - Will This Dented Scar on my Nose Fill In?

About 3 weeks ago I had a small red cyst removed from the tip of my nose. Now I'm left with what looks like a chunk missing . It's light red... READ MORE

How can an indentation caused by liquid nitrogen used to freeze a seborrheic keratosis on the bridge of my nose be healed?

A dermatologist used liquid nitrogen to freeze a seborrheic keratosis on the bridge of my nose two weeks ago and I'm very concerned that it's going to... READ MORE

Surgery to Flatten and Widen Straight and Narrow Nose?

I have a straight, protruding nose that is very narrow. I would like to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon who understands the noses of all races... READ MORE

Can I Get a Nose Job if I Have a Scar on my Nose?

I have a scar on the bridge of my nose from falling over that I picked the scab off of so it healed poorly and there's some discolored/sort of... READ MORE

Bird bite on nose

I was bitten on the side of my nose by my large parrot. The wound was a straight cut, but bleed. The area around looks to be forming scar tissue... READ MORE

I have acne prone skin that is oily and tend to scar, will it pose a risk to get a Nose Surgery? (photos)

I have think acne prone skin that is oily and tend to scar easily. Will this be a potential issue from having a nose job? I would be interested in... READ MORE

Will a small surgery on the edge of my nose wing leave a visible scar? (photo)

I have a lump on the base of my nose wing from a filler. It's been three years since the filler was injected and the surgeon is not sure if the lump... READ MORE

My face is destroyed, I've lost all confidence in myself. (photos)

Hey, I am a darkskinned , 26 year old mother & wife who was glassed in the face 13 November 2016. My nose was fractured and the skin between my... READ MORE

Would a nose job reduce the appearance of scars and bumps on my nose?

I was born with a birth mark on my nose which turned into a tumour. To get rid of it I had laser treatment which has left a permanent scar on my nose... READ MORE

Is there such a thing as an internal skin flap for fixing a nasal defect?

I have a very bad depressed scar on the convex part of my nose from a staph infection. Lasers have not worked, and an excision is not possible because... READ MORE

Can This Pock Mark on my Nose Even Be Treated?

SO I've seen one derm and one plastic surgeon about this pock mark on my nose. I was wondering what your opinions are. It's about 2.0 mm long... READ MORE

Depressed Scar After Alarplasty? (photo)

Hi i had alarplasty done on january 2012 (9 months ago) im left with the scar i feel there depressed scar what can i do to improve this scars so the... READ MORE

Indented Alarplasty Scars. Will Dermal Fillers Be Able to Fill in the Indentations?

I am 7 weeks post-op following an alarplasty that extended into the nostrils and which has left an indented scar about 1 cm long in one nostril. I am... READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect Scars from Alar Reduction on Nose to Last?

I went for an alar reduction on my nose abt two months before. I was told scarring is to be expected along the boundaries of my nose and face. It has... READ MORE

Post Fibrous Popule Removal: Best Treatment for a Scar?

On November 29, 2010 I had a fibrous popule removed from the left side of my nose. There used to be a dent a few months after the removal, but now the... READ MORE

Can an ENT surgery be corrected?

Surgery was performed to remove submandibular cyst(s) several years ago. Aside from the scar, there is a depression/indentation left behind that... READ MORE

How can I prevent the area from having a scar?

I had done a nose job surgery and after the doctor took out the cast i noticed that i had a cut from the outside of my nose and there's was one stitch... READ MORE

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