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Silicone Nose Implant Risks and Replacement Rate?

I had an I-silicone implant in my nose with ear cartilage grafting on the tip. What are the chances of infection, extrusion, and skin thinness? and... READ MORE

My Nostrils Are Asymmetrical, is This a Problem?

I am not big on nostril knowledge, but my two nostrils are pretty right nostril is much more round than the left, and I rarely ever... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Using Clinching Sutures for Nostril Reduction?

I have seen that some surgeons perform sill excisions and then use a clinching suture technique to bring the nostrils in and to reduce the width of... READ MORE

A Wide Hole in the Nasal Septum?

Hello there, I am a 22 years old male. I had this problem since I was little. I've consulted with the best plastic surgeons here in Riyadh, Saudi... READ MORE

Is It Possible For Spreader Grafts To Collapse That Were Inserted Into Each Side of the Nose?

Is there a possibility of them collapsing or are they usually placed in there so nothing can damage them? READ MORE

The Risk of Tip Rhinoplasty (the Stablity of Cartilages)? Along with Alarplasty for Asian Nose? (photo)

I want a subtle change to get the tip slimmer with a natural contouring, while not as thin as an ideal Caucasian one looks outof balance with my face... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty After Turbinate Cauterization?

Im going to have turbinate cauterization (just soft tissue) done soon and was wondering whether its advisable I got rhinoplasty done 8 weeks after the... READ MORE

My husband has a broken bone spur in his sinus cavity. He has terrible headaches from this. Can this be operated?

Can this be operated on with out risk of death? Where could he go to have this done? And if it cannot surgically be removed is there any relief for... READ MORE

Will Driving a Convertible/top Down Wrangler Negatively Effect my Nose Job?

I am 1 1/2 weeks post op and am planning on taking a little trip with my friend. She was wondering if we could put the top down on my wrangler but I... READ MORE

Narrow Bridge, Shorter Nostrils - Is This a Very Serious Operation?

I want do get my nose done and I wonder about the risks related to my operation. I would like to make the bridge smaller and more defined. I'd... READ MORE

Angiofibroma on nose - scarring risk. (photos)

Hello, I have a small fibrous papule on the center of my nose and it's very bothersome. My dermatologist did a shave biopsy and a shave excision and... READ MORE

What to do when an ENT turns you down for not being a serious enough case?

I had a consultation with a nose specialist for my nasal valve collapse, he said there was moderate alar collapse but that in his opinion the risks of... READ MORE

Are side effects of Prednisone worth the risk if Prednisone is only taken for a week?

I am having a nasal surgery in a couple days to open up the airways, and my doctor has prescribed 40mg of Prednisone a day. I suffer from PCOS, so... READ MORE

What are the risks of paranasal augmentation with an implant?

My nose base and the lines right next to it are very sunken naturally even though I'm young. I know I would benefit from paranasal augmentation and I... READ MORE

Blow nose after closed nasal reduction. Will the blow force misplace the bond fracture?

I caught a really bad cold right after the closed nasal reduction. My nose is really congested. I was prescribed Afrin, but that can only be used for... READ MORE

Are there options to slim nose besides another rhinosplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago to fix a hump on the bridge of my nose and a deviated septum. Post surgery my nose is permanently thicker. It used to... READ MORE

Blow nose after closed nose bone reduction. Any suggestions?

I had a slightly deviated bone fraction. and I had a closed nose bone reduction. But I caught a really bad cold right after the surgery. I was... READ MORE

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