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Are There Any Approaches to Nostril Reduction?

Some nose jobs I've seen seem to have included nicely done nostril reduction. Is there just one approach to achieve such result (which will... READ MORE

Nasal Wing Reduction: Is it Possible?

I wanted to know if it's possible to reduce the prominence of nasal wings/ala? (Please see pic for the specific nose part) I'm not talking... READ MORE

How long should congestion last following a broken nose? (Photo)

If congestion doesn't clear up after a certain time, does that mean that there is permanent damage/breathing problems? What is typical time frame... READ MORE

Closed Nose Reduction when Cosmetic Change is Minimal?

Is it ok to do a closed reduction (one time) when comestic change in the broken nose (bone only) is minimal? It is a bit displaced( can't see, but... READ MORE

Is my Nose Still Broken?

I got elbowed directly in the side of the nose at practice and heard my nose crack. I had bruising and a lot of swelling, so I had to wait five days... READ MORE

Could I Get a Tip Reduction Without Cartliage Graft? (photo)

I am half-asian and half-caucasian, and as long as I can remember, I've been self conscious about the tip of my nose. Would it be possible to reduce... READ MORE

Can I get nostril reduction and tip reduction? (photos)

I have wide asymmetrical nostrils and a bulbous drooping tip, but I DON'T need a full rhinoplasty procedure. I just want to get the bottom half of my... READ MORE

Can You Develop a Nasal Mucocele from Closed Reduction for Nasal Fracture and Septoplasty?

I am at my wits end trying to workout what is wrong with my nose, i had those procedures done 2 months ago and i still have this very unpleasant... READ MORE

Do I Need Surgery After Closed Nose Reduction from Fracture? (photo)

Recent ski accident fractured my r. nasal bridge by eye & caused depr. of nose on the right side.left nasal bone cracked. ent perf. closed nose... READ MORE

Nasal Reduction Surgery: Can Incision be Made on Natural Nose Crease?

The technique mentioned by my surgeon is to cut my nostrils in front of the natural crease where the nostril meets the cheek. Is there a procedure... READ MORE

Broken My Nose Twice in the Past 11 years and Looking Into a Closed Reduction. Will it Look Like My Original Nose?

I broke my nose 11 years ago and then again last Thursday. My question is about the closed reduction I'm looking into (I know I need to get on it... READ MORE

I Need Help, I Had a Nasal Reduction 2 Days Ago and It Hurts Badly?

I had nasal reduction done due to a broken nose and the first day after the surgery I didn't feel any pain just a burning sensation inside my... READ MORE

Nasal Tip Reduction Technique?

I visited a plastic surgeon who refused to alter my nasal tip, but offered to do a alar base reduction and a cartilage graft above my septum. Most of... READ MORE

Does the Reduction of One Inferior Turbinate Have Any Affect on an Untouched Turbinate on the Other Side?

According to the surgical report, the Dr. operated only on the right turbinate. Here is how the surgical report reads: "I went ahead and reduced... READ MORE

On Average How Much Would It Cost Me to Have a Surgery to Reduce my Nose Size? (photo)

As you can see from the pictures my nose mouth ratio is anything but ideal. also from your experience do you think there is anything else i should do... READ MORE

Is This a Realistic Nose Job Goal? (photo)

I have altered the image very basically in paint to give a general idea of what I would like which is an overall reduction in the size of my nose,... READ MORE

I just recently had a closed reduction of a nasal fracture?

Its been about 2 weeks since the surgery. My nose really only needed straightened out and the bone raised a little. Well I noticed that the bridge of... READ MORE

About six months ago I broke my nose and I have a closed reduction. I think my nose might still be off (Photo)

I had a closed reduction healing went fine and once I took the bandage off my nose still look not crooked but off centered on my face I was wondering... READ MORE

Can a Bad Nostril Reduction Be Fixed?

I had a nostril reduction done but the surgeon took off too much flare. I feel very self-conscious, especially under natural light where my nostrils... READ MORE

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