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Reducing an Over-Projecting Tip ("Pinocchio Nose")

My doctor has suggested 2 ways to reduce the over projecting tip. 1 way would be to remove a piece from the columella to pull down the over projecting... READ MORE

Alar - Nosewings: Furrow/curve/line Reshaping or Correction?

White 'normal' bit too projected nose. Get a open tip/septum/hump corr. Also lateral view looks like alar furrow line is to diagonal(up) so a... READ MORE

Is This Polly Beak Deformity and How Can I Solve This Problem?

First of all, I have never been to nose surgery or anything since the pics may looks so.I had an injury two months ago, I got hit in the nose with the... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Fix a Overprojected Tip and Dorsal Hump Cost?

My nose has a bulbous tip and my nose has a dorsal hump which from the side makes my nose look overprojected. READ MORE

Premaxillary augmentation - how much projection can I get?

My consultation was a bust- the surgeon just described the implant as "placed under the nose" and didn't seem too knowledgeable. My main concern is... READ MORE

20 year old wanting to improve nose, are there any non-surgical options? (Photos)

My nose curves too much when I smile, there is a slight bump/over projection of my nose. I think I have a large nasal spine. I also get sinus... READ MORE

Will Lowering the Nose Angle Widen My Nostrils?

My nose is upturned over 100 degrees. Will lowering a nose case it to be more projected and/or cause the nostrils to be wider? ... My nose is already... READ MORE

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