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Why Do I Always Feel a Heavy Pressure at my Nose Bridge?

Most of the days I would always have this heavy pressure on my nose bridge. The strong pressure is where my nose bump is. I had this nose bump 16-17... READ MORE

I accidentally hit our washroom door and caused small bump on my nose bridge. Can this pressure cause the bump to grow bigger?

After hitting the door I felt pressure on the left side of my nose bridgr. It wasnt painful but caused small bump on left side of my nose bridge.... READ MORE

Can Trying to Mold Nose with Fingers Cause Permanent Damage?

I read somewhere that cartilage is made primarily of water and can be molded. I held my fingers and applied pressure near the bridge of my nose for 30... READ MORE

Why Won't Pressure Work to Reshape Nose?

Since the nose is mostly water and is made of cartilage, why wouldn't pressure work on reshaping it? Are there any scientific evidence or articles... READ MORE

Does Pressing Your Nose or Sleeping in a Certain Way Make Your Nose Bridge Thinner?

I have a wide nose bridge ever since I was a kid I press my nose really hard that sometimes it starts to hurt, for a day it seems that little has been... READ MORE

I apply a lot of pressure to my nose hump. Is there a permanent solution other than rhinoplasty?

Im 14 and I have a really bad habbit of pressing down on my nose hump with excessive force. The area where the hump is turns red but the bump has gone... READ MORE

How to Straighten a Crooked Nose?

I have a slightly crooked nose. I don't know why. Maybe I fell on my face as a child or something. Is it possible to make my nose straighter by... READ MORE

Can Putting Pressure on the Hump on My Nose Make it Go Away?

I have a tall, narrow nose but got a hump which i really hate..get teased about it. i'm too terrified of surgery,get nghtmares jst thnkng of... READ MORE

Will a perforated septum get worse if left alone?

I have a hole and I feel like I don't have any major symptoms other than I feel a pressure. If I leave it alone will it get worse? I feel like I am... READ MORE

Severe Pain on Nose Bridge Self Induced Damage? (photo)

An year ago i put a clip on my nose really tight so it could get smaller instead a bump formed on my nose then i started punching(for a whole year)... READ MORE

Can an Old Nasal Fracture Be Rebroken by Pressure? How Can I Fix This Lump?

About five years ago I suffered a non displaced nasal fracture in the lower third of the nasal bone. Last year I became almost obsessed with the... READ MORE

My nose feels loose on the outside and swollen on the inside with pressure - blood test says I have no allergies.

I've been touching my nose constantly for quite a while now and my nose tip feels a bit strange at touch - those two "lower cartilages" on the tip... READ MORE

Please help! I broke my nose on purpose because of BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder). Will it fix itself?

When I look in the mirror (during free time) I always saw a bumpy deformed nose and i spent hours pressing on it and squeezing it trying to make it... READ MORE

Is It Normal for an ENT Doc to Apply a Lot of Pressure on Nose Post Trauma,to Assess It for Any Breaks?

My doc applied a lot of pressure on the bridge during post trauma evaluation-2 weeks after an injury.thou he ruled out any breaks then but now i... READ MORE

Muscle Imbalancement?

I used to put pressure on my nose alot then after a month the right side of my nose started twitching and i started having facial twitches then my... READ MORE

Does Flying or High Elevation Effect the Final Results of a Nose Implant?

Do High Pressure in Aeroplane or Up in the Mountain Spoiled the Nose Implant nose READ MORE

Could my nose be broken?

I took a hard, upward shot to my nose. My eyes immediately watered up and I had pain in the nose and could feel pressure around my eyes. I did not... READ MORE

Options to Treat Nose Skin Damaged While Blackhead/whitehead Removal?

Few weeks back my wife removed blackheads & whiteheads from my nose using a steel instrument. During the session she used excessive pressure... READ MORE

Have I Damaged my Nose Cartlage By Putting Constant Pressure on My Nose? (photo)

I have pressed my nose for a really time thinking it will become smaller. but i feel i have damaged my nose and it has become big(maybe because of... READ MORE

Can Sleeping On Your Side Effect Your Deviated Septum Surgery Results?

I gotten the deviated septum sugery about 5 days ago, and i took out the blockers yesterday, while on my bed i rested on my side for a little bit,... READ MORE

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