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Is my Nose Broken and if So Can I Get It Fixed?

5 to 6 years ago I fell nose first on my sisters knee and heard a popping sound. No blood came out but the pain was terrible. I now have this tall... READ MORE

Can someone give me some advise on a treatment to repair the damage tissue on my nose as a result of acne? (photos)

My name is Anton I'm 21 and I'm from the Caribbean.I began suffering with acne at age 13, my acne was mild but it was severe on my nose and I am... READ MORE

What do I do? I'm fed up!

Five years ago I was hit in the nose while adjusting the back of an office chair. It flew forward and my nose bent off to my right cheek with a loud... READ MORE

I may have lowered my lateral cartilage when I was picking/cleaning my nose. Can this ever be fixed?

I picked the top of my nose and after I did that there was this strange feeling that something moved /popped out of place? Ever since then I can see... READ MORE

I pop/crack my nose to relieve pressure to breath better. What is making the noise, and could it be harmful?

For a year or two now, if I place my finger inside either side of my nose (but more so on the left) and press inward, my nose pops/cracks and I feel... READ MORE

Messing With My Nose and Cartilage Now Pops in and Out?

I Was Messing with my Nose for a While and I Think I Might've Pushed Up Too Far and Now the Cartilage Can Pop in and out in my right nostril and I was... READ MORE

When I Run my Fingers Down the Bridge of my Nose in my Right Nostril I Can Feel This Popping Noise?

After I'm done running my fingers down like if the cartilage in my nose pops out of place or something. It makes my nose look uneven too so I just... READ MORE

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