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Is my nasal septum suppose to move yes or no?

My sister hit me in the nose and it starting bleed really bad and now my Septem moves left to right and hurts :( READ MORE

What Happens for a Broken Nose?

I've been told that it just needs to be reset, but i'm wondering if it's going to be painful or will could they possibly give me anesthesia? READ MORE

Is This Polly Beak Deformity and How Can I Solve This Problem?

First of all, I have never been to nose surgery or anything since the pics may looks so.I had an injury two months ago, I got hit in the nose with the... READ MORE

Did I Split Stitches in my Nose?

Hi i had surgery on my nose to correct my septom & to fix the appearance. Its been 10 days since my surgery & after eating dinner yesterday i... READ MORE

Severe Pain on Nose Bridge Self Induced Damage? (photo)

An year ago i put a clip on my nose really tight so it could get smaller instead a bump formed on my nose then i started punching(for a whole year)... READ MORE

Painful Nose and Swelling Three Years After Surgery for a Fractured Nose? (photo)

I have fractured my nose twice, 2001 and 2009 each was followed by surgery to repair. After the first surgery everything healed properly and I never... READ MORE

Pain and Swelling from Nasal Implant

I had silicon nasal implant 5 month ago, since 2 weeks i had pain and swelling at the sides of the colomella, iwent to my surgeon and he prescribe me... READ MORE

Can You Develop a Nasal Mucocele from Closed Reduction for Nasal Fracture and Septoplasty?

I am at my wits end trying to workout what is wrong with my nose, i had those procedures done 2 months ago and i still have this very unpleasant... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a nose fracture that does not show up on CT scan?

I had a nose injury and it hurts and still swollen after 3 mos. But nothing showed up on catscan, it feels broken and hurts... READ MORE

Having Issues With My Nose/Head/Eyes. What Could Be the Problem?

I broke my nose twice long time ago and I have a bone sticking out; sometimes i have problems breathing especially when im asleep. Two months ago I... READ MORE

How Can I Deal with a Broken Nose at Home?

I was play fighting, and a knee wacked my nose. There was a loud crunch, but it didn't look very different. This happened last night. It was... READ MORE

Constant Nasal Pain... is It the Septum? (photo)

I have a prominent bump on the bridge of my nose, after several different injuries in life. I was never treated for a broken nose, but think it broke... READ MORE

Can a nose job cause allergy?

I had a nose job 4 days ago and now small acne showed up are all over my face ! especially in my forehead ! There a lot and a lot of them , red color... READ MORE

I Need Help, I Had a Nasal Reduction 2 Days Ago and It Hurts Badly?

I had nasal reduction done due to a broken nose and the first day after the surgery I didn't feel any pain just a burning sensation inside my... READ MORE

I Am Scheduled to Have Nasal Valve Surgery. Will I Be in a Lot of Pain?

I am having nasal valve surgery ...can not breathe out of the left side .only way I can is with breathe rite strips ... will I have alot of pain after... READ MORE

Severe Pain Inside Left Nostril - Will a Cortisone Injection Help Heal?

I have a severe pain just inside the my left nostril to the inside surface. A 2% lidocaine solution will dull the pain but it keeps coming back. My... READ MORE

Pain After Alarplasty

Hi to all doctors, I had done my Alarplasty with Rhino 4mths ago, it was only a minor cut but I find my right side tight and painful when I smile, is... READ MORE

Dropped A Large Object On My Nose, Since Then I Keep Getting Hard,Red, Painful Lumps?

I dropped a big hard infant jumping horse (kind of like a walker) on my nose a little over a year ago, and within the last two months I keep getting... READ MORE

Picked Right Nostril 2.5 Weeks Post Nose Surgery: Right Side of Nose Immediately Swelled

The swelling occured in the area where my nose is pinched. It also hurt when I touched it right after the swelling occured but doesnt hurt anymore. I... READ MORE

Nose Re-set After Assualt

One month ago I had a broken nose,deviated septum after an assault.Went for nose re-set,since then tip of nose,not originally affected,has been... READ MORE

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