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Is Alarplasty or Rhinoplasty More Suitable for my Nose (photo)?

I'd like my noseholes to be a bit narrower in size, as it flares out dramatically if you look at the front of my face. The tallness of my nose I don't... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Widened, Flared Nostrils Caused From Jaw Reconstruction?

Last year I had an upper jaw reconstruction, due to my teeth being nearly one inch apart. Maxio-facio MD said nose would be tipped up some. Forgot to... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Using Clinching Sutures for Nostril Reduction?

I have seen that some surgeons perform sill excisions and then use a clinching suture technique to bring the nostrils in and to reduce the width of... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Correcting Uneven Nostrils?

Hello i had closed rhino 20 years ago and now i'm 6 weeks post open rhinoplasty and i would like to know if the scar under my nose going to be... READ MORE

I Want a Nose Job, I Don't Want the Bone Changed Just the Size of my Nostrils, Possible?

How much would this cost and how long could it take and could I be awake for it,also much much of a decrease can i expect? many thanks i've... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make One Nostril That's Bigger Than the Other Smaller?

My left nostril is bigger than the other (MORE SO than other people.) I was just wondering if it's possible to make it symmetrical with the other... READ MORE

Do I need nostril reduction? What is the cost? (photos)

My nostrils are uneven, both of them are large, but one is noticeably bigger, especially when I smile and when I take pictures. What is the total cost... READ MORE

What Kind of Rhinoplasty Would You Recommend? (photo)

Dear all,in my opinion my nose is too large, too long, too bulbous at the tip and the nostrils are way too large. worst: in my profile the nose always... READ MORE

Can I get nostril reduction and tip reduction? (photos)

I have wide asymmetrical nostrils and a bulbous drooping tip, but I DON'T need a full rhinoplasty procedure. I just want to get the bottom half of my... READ MORE

How to Show Less Nostrils and Take Attention from Nose? (photo)

Hi, I had surgery last year on two previous broken noses from sport and was happy with the boney work at the top of the nose the doctor did. However,... READ MORE

Surgery on Nose/nostrils? Make Nose Appear Slimmer? - 19 Years Old (photo)

I would like to have something done on my nostrils. I find they are big, flare & make my nose appear odd. + my right nostril is slightly... READ MORE

Will surgery help fix my deformity? (photo)

I was born with a rare form of nuerofibramatosis. I have no medical issues and haven't seen a doctor fot it in 10 years. My right nostril just grew as... READ MORE

Is There Anyway of Narrowing the Top-half of Nostrils? (photo)

I have wide nostrils that i think would ideally require the removal of skin from outer sides from where the cheeks meet the nostrils, however i have... READ MORE

One Nostril Is Larger, Is It Possible To Bring the Top of the Nostril Down?

I have attached a picture Is it possible to bring the top of the nostril down (on the side) its a large side nostril. while taking a little from the... READ MORE

Will a nostril reduction make my tip appear bulbous? (Photo)

Im concerned with the width of my nose and I want to get a nostril reduction. Im concerned that by only getting a nostril reduction it will cause the... READ MORE

Uneven nostrils, is this fixable?

Rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery 3 years ago, not happy with the results. my nostrils are not even. About a year ago I went back to the surgeon and... READ MORE

Post Nose Surgery: Hard Lump Under the Skin of the Nose

I just had a surgery more than 20 days ago. I've had the side of my nostril reduced and corrected. ( only one side) My surgeon performed the... READ MORE

Alar Cinch Suture Ruined my Smile. What To Do?

Hi , I had alar stitch 8 weeks ago. 1 week ago I was prescribed oral steroids as my top lip was inflammed . It's helped somewhat but the area is... READ MORE

Can picking nose cause permanent damage to nose shape?

I am 24 year old who used to pick her nose up to 19 years of age. This has caused my left nostril to become flared. The right side is sharp, the way... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Revision Surgery

I have had nose surgery twice by 2 doctors. my 1st nose was much smaller, narrower and much prettier.they ruined my nose.the 1st doc did it as open... READ MORE

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