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How Much Would a Tip Refinement Cost? (photo)

If I already had to get surgery to fix a deviated septum, is the septum surgery is covered by my insurance? I kind of hate my nose from the front most... READ MORE

Basic Costs of Tip Plasty?

I need tip plasty done on my nose,how much is the basic cost??/thank you READ MORE

I Have Developed a Dimple in the Middle of my Nose Which Becomes More Defined After Excercise, Why?

I have recently noticed the development of a dimple in the middle of the tip of my nose. The dimple seems to be where the cartilage and the nose bone... READ MORE

Drooping Tip when I Smile

It seems when i smile from the side view my tip seems to slighty go down and on the bridge closest to my tip seems to curve. I do feel fine with my... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Lower Nose Tip?

My nose tip moves up and down when I talk, which is really unattractive. I can pull my nose tip down when i pull my upper lip down, and that is the... READ MORE

2 Years Post Nose Surgery: Tip is Still Swollen

Hello all, In August I will be approaching 2 years post-surgery (to fix a bump in my nose and a slightly downward tip). I'm very happy with the... READ MORE

Suture Technique for Narrowing Nose Tip?

I would like to slightly narrow the tip of my nose. My side profile is wonderful, and the bridge of my nose is narrow, its only the tip that needs a... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Push Up My Nose Tip a Bit?

I think my nose is fine, i do not care about the size of it so much. What I dislike is that it is a bit crooked/sagged, and I have tried to push the... READ MORE

Thick Skinned Bulbous Tip - What Can be Done?

Hi there, I've attached 2 pictures of my nose showing front and side views. I've had an appointment with my surgeon who basically told me he... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Reducing The Width Of a Bulbous Nose Tip?

Good afternoon. i'm curious to know the limitations of reducing the width and bulbousness of my nasal tip. my nose does not sit in proportion to... READ MORE

Bifid Nasal Tip Correction Rhinoplasty? (photo)

As I have gotten older the crease/cleft in the middle of my nose has grown more pronounced. I have no interest in straightening my nose or ending up... READ MORE

How to Fix a Stretched out and Possibly Deviated Nose Tip?

Over the years I had developed a bad habit of constantly pulling quite hard on my nose tip as a way to relieve stress and several months ago it seems... READ MORE

Possible to Have Silitex Augmentation Only on Upper Nose Bridge?

I am a Asian. My nose has a pointed tip, not flat or bended. So I dont want any nose tip work but a bit higher bridge on my bridge from the mid-part.... READ MORE

Is It Hard to Correct over Projected Nose

From my profile my nose looks too short (from forehead to tip) and sits too high from face. Is it hard to fix this READ MORE

Do I Need Tip Plasty or Injectable Fillers in my Nose?

I am considering having tip plasty/ fillers injected to fix an issue I am having with my nose from front on. Although my nose looks great from some... READ MORE

Good Candidate for Long Nose Tip Correction?

Hello, I was wondering if my nose is too long for my face. Does it take up 1/3 of my face from my glabella to the nose tip for ideal proportions? I... READ MORE

Nose Seems To Get Flat When I Smile. Should I get the tip refined or a full Rhinoplasty?

Hi there, I am a 26f and I am looking at getting the tip of my nose refined. Everyone else in my family has a refined nose and mine seems to appear... READ MORE

Is This Polly Beak Deformity and How Can I Solve This Problem?

First of all, I have never been to nose surgery or anything since the pics may looks so.I had an injury two months ago, I got hit in the nose with the... READ MORE

Did I Split Stitches in my Nose?

Hi i had surgery on my nose to correct my septom & to fix the appearance. Its been 10 days since my surgery & after eating dinner yesterday i... READ MORE

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