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Nose Surgery for Breathing Problems

I have breathing problems and snoring because I have kind of a flat nose and was told that rhinoplasty surgery can correct this.  But I am afraid... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Thin the Skin on the Nose?

I've had thick skin on my nose since forever. I am looking into getting a nose job and I know the issues with thick skin involved in nose jobs. It... READ MORE

Can Broken Nose Get Back to Its Prior Shape Without Surgical Intervention?

I broke my nose 2 weeks ago. The x-rays showed that I slighlty broke it. The ENT told me there is no deviation, and that it should heal for itself,... READ MORE

Surgery to Correct Flat Nose

I have a flat nose. It always reduces my self-steem. What kind of surgery do I need? READ MORE

Who Do I See First for a Deviated Septum?

I am almost positive that I have a deviated septum, as I have lots of breathing problems. However, I also want my nose fixed for cosmetic reasons, and... READ MORE

How to Increase Nose Size?

My nose is very small and I want it to make it bigger. What is the best way to do it? READ MORE

Raised Scar Inside Nose After Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty

I've had 2 nose surgeries: Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty both times. I have scar tissue inside which pertrudes on both sides of my nose. You can... READ MORE

Does the Nose Right Actually Work?

I'm wondering. Because it says it can get rid of a dorsal bump and even make your nose smaller by shaping cartilage? And can't a dorsal bump... READ MORE

Best Approach to Make Nose Longer?

I have consulted two doctors, but both of them seem like they don't have experience for this kind of nose surgery (adding cartilage to make it longer)... READ MORE

Cause and Solution for Nose Indented on One Side?

My nose used to be perfectly symmetrical from both sides when I was younger (I'm 17 now), until recently. I've noticed that one of the sides indents... READ MORE

What's the Ideal Masculine Nose Shape?

I've been through two nasal-surgeries which turned out very unnatural. One thing that's bothering me, I've noticed that almost all attractive male... READ MORE

Cyst Removal - Will This Dented Scar on my Nose Fill In?

About 3 weeks ago I had a small red cyst removed from the tip of my nose. Now I'm left with what looks like a chunk missing . It's light red... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Increase Nose Length?

Is there a way to add length to my nose without changing its height? My nose is short (in length) and there is some extra space between the nose base... READ MORE

How Soon Should a Steroid Be Used on a Nose Callus?

I recently had my cast removed to see a very prominent bump on the left side of my bridge, almost as if my previous hump had displaced itself there.... READ MORE

Silicone Nose Implant Risks and Replacement Rate?

I had an I-silicone implant in my nose with ear cartilage grafting on the tip. What are the chances of infection, extrusion, and skin thinness? and... READ MORE

Suture Technique for Narrowing Nose Tip?

I would like to slightly narrow the tip of my nose. My side profile is wonderful, and the bridge of my nose is narrow, its only the tip that needs a... READ MORE

Suture Technique on a Bulbous Nose

Hello, how effective is a suture technique on a bulbous nose and how difficult is it to perform in order to achieve a desirable result? READ MORE

Surgery to Flatten and Widen Straight and Narrow Nose?

I have a straight, protruding nose that is very narrow. I would like to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon who understands the noses of all races... READ MORE

Can This Pock Mark on my Nose Even Be Treated?

SO I've seen one derm and one plastic surgeon about this pock mark on my nose. I was wondering what your opinions are. It's about 2.0 mm long... READ MORE

Will Constant Nose Massaging Cause Change in Nose Shape?

If a person were to rub, massage, press on, push on and sometimes hit the bridge of their nose, would this cause any change, enlargement, or any other... READ MORE

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