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My nasal cartilage, upper lateral cartilage has detached from my nasal bone, is this normal? (read question details)

Can the depressor septi ligament, and constant smiling over a period of time cause the upper lateral cartilage to eventually detach from the nasal... READ MORE

1 Month Post Osteotomy: Is This Swelling Normal?

Is there usually more swelling when bones are rasped then broken to narrow an area? I had an upper hump removed then the bones were broken to narrow... READ MORE

Is sinus ooze and small amounts of blood after nasal cautery normal?

Had surgery last week, splints taken out 2 days ago. Huge nose bleed last night, got both sides cauterized. came home, nose started bleeding again,... READ MORE

Does skin graft look like a scab?

I had a deep tumor, and needed a skin graft on my nose. It is now 18 days after, and the graft is dark, like a scab. The dressing was stitched on and... READ MORE

Is It Normal for an ENT Doc to Apply a Lot of Pressure on Nose Post Trauma,to Assess It for Any Breaks?

My doc applied a lot of pressure on the bridge during post trauma evaluation-2 weeks after an injury.thou he ruled out any breaks then but now i... READ MORE

Nose Surgery and My Tip is Upturned

Hi I have just had my nose done, is looks nice from the front profile but at a side angle it is pointing up too much should i worry about this or will... READ MORE

My nose is still bleeding 3 days after surgery. Is that normal? (Photo)

Lift side still bleeding, it's was supposed to be stopped after removal Caton. READ MORE

Dog bite split nostril open 2.5 months ago. It's now uneven. Will it go back to normal or should I consider surgery? (photo)

Dog did not get cartilage, only lower part of nostril. Are there any other options beyond surgery? READ MORE

I can't see any change 10 days after surgery. Is this normal?

Is it normal not to see any change after a week and 3 days of nose surgery, lots of swallowed went down but don't see any change yet? READ MORE

I had a silicone implant in Thailand a month ago and my nose is still swollen. Is it normal? (Photo)

Will it get better long will it takes? Is there any solutions for me to get well in a mean time.curios because there is still bruises and... READ MORE

Can my breathing be fixed?

I had a cosmetic rhinoplasty done in 2013, with no functional breathing problems whatsoever. After the surgery I could only breath through one nostril... READ MORE

Is this x-ray normal for 3 months post surgery? (photo)

I work in a radiology department and decided to have my colleague perform a lateral nasal bone x-ray on myself, just out of curiosity. The image looks... READ MORE

I have a broken nose bridge and I was wondering if your nose can be out of place and look normal? What should I do? (photo)

I fell down Sunday night December 4 and hit some carpeted stairs pretty hard adn heard a crack in my nose, now i am getting bad bruising happening in... READ MORE

What causes subjective nasal congestion?

I have chronic nasal congestion for years.I have visited many ent specialists and plastic surgeons.all of them said that my nose is open since nasal... READ MORE

When I lift up my nose is sounds like I'm grunting, is there a problem with my nose? (Photo)

When I lift my nose up when I'm grunting (something like that), I noticed that this happens (the photo). I'm really worried about it so can somebody... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Nostrils a Result of Cast Position? (photo)

Hi, I have got my nose job last week and am still wearing the cast. I have a glimpse of my tip only so far, but it seems that one nostril is... READ MORE

I had Septum & Turbinate surgery recently & it seems like the middle area of my nose is now larger then before. Is this normal?

I had a Septum and Turbinate surgery in Florida recently and it seems like the middle area of my nose is now larger then before. Is this... READ MORE

Nose Implant. (Photo)

I undergo a silicone implant nose sugery a week ago. I told the doctor specifically that I want a high nose bridge. He told me that I have a thin skin... READ MORE

I noticed today that the Vomar/Anterior Nasal Spine/Septum is moving around left to right.... Is that normal?

By the way, I did get nose/throat surgery in my nose/throat surgery a month ago to fix enlarged adenoids and open up my nasal passageway by reducing... READ MORE

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