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What Can Be Done if my Nose Seems Too Narrow and I Have Trouble Breathing Thru It?

I have not had any cosmetic work done on my nose. It has always been like this. An ENT doctor said my septum and turbinates do not seem to be causing... READ MORE

Can I Make my Nose Narrow Without Making It Look Pinched?

Hi, I'm a 25 year old girl and feel that my nose is too wide. My nose looks a lot like the model in this picture and I like how her results look... READ MORE

Narrowing Nasal Bridge & Tip

Is it possible to narrow/thin the bridge of the nose without using any grafts or breaking any bones? Also, what procedure is commonly used to narrow a... READ MORE

Narrow Bridge, Shorter Nostrils - Is This a Very Serious Operation?

I want do get my nose done and I wonder about the risks related to my operation. I would like to make the bridge smaller and more defined. I'd... READ MORE

Is There Anyway of Narrowing the Top-half of Nostrils? (photo)

I have wide nostrils that i think would ideally require the removal of skin from outer sides from where the cheeks meet the nostrils, however i have... READ MORE

I want to make my nose narrower and shorter? (photo)

Basically, I have a wide and long nose. I am not even able to smile properly due to my nose since it become really wide. My main concern is if I can... READ MORE

Will narrowing the nasal bones cause face to look "aged?" (photos)

Someone stated that narrowing the nasal bones will cause the face to look "sunken in" more, or more aged overnight. I was planning to have this... READ MORE

How come my nose didn't get any narrower after an osteotomy?

I had a nasal osteotomy and I can feel that the bones of my nose are definitely narrower, but the cartilage and skin are the same width. It looks like... READ MORE

My nostrils are not evenly sized. My right nostril is wider and my left is narrower.

When I breathe with my hand near my nose, I only feel air coming out from my right nostril and little air from my left nostril. READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Revision Surgery

I have had nose surgery twice by 2 doctors. my 1st nose was much smaller, narrower and much prettier.they ruined my nose.the 1st doc did it as open... READ MORE

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