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Injury to my Nose About a Yr Ago and It Left with a Purple Hard Lump on One Side of my Nose? (photo)

I was hit in the face leaving severe bruising. i know have a large blue purple hump on my nose, it it a little painful, and it is very noticable. what... READ MORE

Can an Old Nasal Fracture Be Rebroken by Pressure? How Can I Fix This Lump?

About five years ago I suffered a non displaced nasal fracture in the lower third of the nasal bone. Last year I became almost obsessed with the... READ MORE

Have a Lump in My Nose That Causes Me Discomfort?

Have lump inside nose ,have headaches ,my teeth get really sore and when i press on it inside my nose yellowish fluid like infection comes out .Do i... READ MORE

I took a really bad hit to the nose in rugby and broke my nose, I can't breath through the right nostril. Any suggestions?

I went to see my doctor about my nose because I couldn't breath through the right side because my carlidge is broke and i have a hard lump on the side... READ MORE

Developed a lump after breaking my nose at the bridge. What could it be?

After breaking my nose at the bridge. I develop a lump on it, but day to day after it changes. I can push it flat. So what would This be? And how... READ MORE

I fell 5 weeks ago and broke my nose. I'm still having some difficulty breathing through it and pain. Is this normal?

I fell 5 weeks ago and broke my nose and fractured under my right eye. I'm still having some difficulty breathing through it. I am still having to use... READ MORE

Cartilage is pushing out of a cut in my nose.

I have had nose surgery in the past to fix a broke nose I got about 4 years ago. 2-3 days ago it got cold fast and my nose started running, after that... READ MORE

What is It? On the left and right side of the bone inside my nose, I have a lump?

There thin-ish white lines and they are stuck to the bone. On the left side I also have the same thing but its round, really worried about what it may... READ MORE

Will these scars go? (photos)

It's been nearly 4weeks since my nose surgery. I'm concerned atbout the incision scaring. Not directly under my nose but to the sides leading into my... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this lump on my nose? (photo)

I have has this lump for as long as I remember, it kind of looks like a keloid scar. I have always thought it was a chicken pox scar, but as I get... READ MORE

Follow-up: I have a small lump of cartilage on my nostril that I would like removed. (photos)

I had a nose job done over 10 years ago. Overall, I'm happy with the results but over time I've developed this small lump on my nostril. I think it's... READ MORE

Lump or swollen tissue on nose - Rhinophyma? (photos)

I have this lump on the right side of my nose and nobody seems to know what it is. I have been to 3 specialist and they all say different things. This... READ MORE

Nostril Lump/Bump on Side of Nostril Flare

I have an area on one side of my nose that I think is thickened skin from allergies. It is a slightly raised area on my right nostril flare ( I think... READ MORE

Post Nose Surgery: Hard Lump Under the Skin of the Nose

I just had a surgery more than 20 days ago. I've had the side of my nostril reduced and corrected. ( only one side) My surgeon performed the... READ MORE

Lump in Right Nostril

I Have Got a Lump in my Right Nose and Growing Fast Am Scared I Need Help READ MORE

Broken Nose, Applied for Insurance a Couple of Days Ago, but Won't Be Covered for 10 Days. What to Do?

So I applied for insurance yesterday and no sooner does my son end up kneeing me in the face while I'm tickling him. Im no expert but I am all but... READ MORE

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