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Cost and Recovery to Fix Broken Nose and Deviated Septum?

The cartilage at the tip of my nose is broken off from the rest of the bridge of my nose. I have a deviated septum. My intake of air has been... READ MORE

How Much Would a Tip Refinement Cost? (photo)

If I already had to get surgery to fix a deviated septum, is the septum surgery is covered by my insurance? I kind of hate my nose from the front most... READ MORE

Crooked Nose Caused by Sever Deviated Septum: Will Insurance Cover Surgery?

I am very insecure and want to live my life to the fullest but feel so insecure to leave the house. i have had trouble breathing since a child and my... READ MORE

I Broke my Nose About a Month Ago, Will OHIP Cover the Surgery Needed to Fix It?

Hi, I am 19 years old, male and live in Ontario, Canada. About a month ago, I broke my nose playing baseball. My nose is now crooked and is causing... READ MORE

Could my Crooked Nose Be Covered by Insurance? (photo)

I have a deviated septum. I had an accident about 10 years ago that probably caused it along with my crooked nose Q1) I was wondering if my nose would... READ MORE

Bump and Slightly Crooked Nose from Being Broken - is There ANY Possibility Insurance Would Cover This? (photo)

I broke my nose about six months ago. There's now a small bump (that never used to be there) and it's crooked, but only noticeable to most people if I... READ MORE

Do You Think my Nose is Bad Enough the Insurance Will Pay to Get Fixed? (photo)

When i was first born sometime my noise got broken. I have a bone in the right side nostrilse. I don't really breathe out of my nose,because... READ MORE

Broken Nose, Deviated Septum, Cartilege Deformity? (photo)

I've broken my nose several times, most recently 6 months ago. Last week I fell on some ice and since then its hard to breathe, i get severe... READ MORE

Will the Health Insurance Pay for my Broken Nose Surgery?

I've had a broken nose for a long time and it's hurting really badly. I breath fine but, I don't know what the doctor are going to say to me when I go... READ MORE

Written Diagnosis for Nasal Deformities?

Can a potential surgeon offer a Written Diagnosis of the nasal deformities present in a case (cosmetic, not functional)? I have seen many surgeons for... READ MORE

Broken nose due to assault, what should I do and am I covered by medical card? (Photo)

I had my nose broken due to assault approx 3 years ago,I never followed up on surgery but at the time it was knocked right across the other side of my... READ MORE

Will my insurance cover my nose to get reset if it was not fully reset the first time?

I got hit in the nose about three weeks ago which result in a crooked nose. I didn't think there was any bleeding but there was a lot of dry blood in... READ MORE

Will insurance pay to repair my fractured nose if it happened 2 months ago?

I was hit in my nose and I didnt know my nose was fractured. It is slightly crooked and it took me a while to believe and realize it was really... READ MORE

Would this be covered by insurance? (Photo)

My brother hit me back in 2006 with a bat and socked me in the nose last December . I have difficulty. Breathing from my left nostril. i cant smell.... READ MORE

Can my nose be broken back into place? (photos)

My nose was fractured a few years ago is this the bone or the cartiladge? What kind of doctor could do this would insurance pay for this READ MORE

Open reduction of nasal fracture only repair top 1/4 of nose (close to forehead) not medial portion of broken nose?

My insurance has approved breathing procedures, and open reduction of nasal fracture. My ent says that open reduction nasal fracture ONLY covers the... READ MORE

I read that you need to provide documentation of the initial trauma, but I don't have any, will I still be covered?

I have had my nose seriously damaged twice in my life, and on both occasions no documentation has ever been recorded, the first time happened many... READ MORE

How Do I Prove Medical Necessity of UPPP? (photo)

Insurance denied my UPPP because my AHI is 9.4. Anthem Blue Cross's standard for medically necessary is AHI 10-15. I have been on CPAP, BIPAP, even... READ MORE

Broken Nose, Applied for Insurance a Couple of Days Ago, but Won't Be Covered for 10 Days. What to Do?

So I applied for insurance yesterday and no sooner does my son end up kneeing me in the face while I'm tickling him. Im no expert but I am all but... READ MORE

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