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Can a Crooked Nasal Bone Be Fixed Even when the Septum is Straight?

I suffered an injury to my nose which caused a fracture. I underwent a septoplasty to correct the septum, but the bones were left lying crooked. Now,... READ MORE

Is This Polly Beak Deformity and How Can I Solve This Problem?

First of all, I have never been to nose surgery or anything since the pics may looks so.I had an injury two months ago, I got hit in the nose with the... READ MORE

Broken Nose, Deviated Septum, Cartilege Deformity? (photo)

I've broken my nose several times, most recently 6 months ago. Last week I fell on some ice and since then its hard to breathe, i get severe... READ MORE

Injury to my Nose About a Yr Ago and It Left with a Purple Hard Lump on One Side of my Nose? (photo)

I was hit in the face leaving severe bruising. i know have a large blue purple hump on my nose, it it a little painful, and it is very noticable. what... READ MORE

Nose Still Swollen 4 Months After Injury?

I fractured my nose over 4 months ago but the injury did not seem severe and I never visited a doctor. I had all the main symptoms associated with the... READ MORE

Is This Bump a Pimple or Something from the Accident? (photo)

I ran my nose into the back of my brothers head and recently I got a bump on my nose. It feels like a bruise and it's sore but it also looks like a... READ MORE

Nasal Surgery After Accident - Worried About Vocal Cord Damage with General Anesthesia

I'm a singer and I'm worried about having rhinoplasty. weeks ago, I was hit in the nose and I have not been breathing right since. I feel my... READ MORE

How Long Does a Blow to the Bridge of Your Nose Usually Take to to Recover?

I was headbutted just over a month ago and a small bump on the bridge of my nose has emerged I thought I would give it some time to heal but I feel it... READ MORE

I Accidentally Hit my Boyfriend with a Glass Door and It Was Kinda Hard We Think His Nose Is Broke?

There was blood (not too much) and he said its hard for him to breathe out of his right nostril , no swelling or anything though band he also said it... READ MORE

I took a blow to the nose a few months ago. Is my Nose Broken? (photo)

I took a blow to the nose a few months ago and talked to my doctor about it. He said that my condition wasn't that bad and that my nose would regain... READ MORE

I Got Hit in the Nose 3 Days Ago and I Blew This (Attached Photo) out of my Nose Today, Should I Go to the Doctor? (photo)

My nose has been on and off bleeding but not severely, but I did bleed a whole lot when it first happened. The white piece came out as is in the... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a nose fracture that does not show up on CT scan?

I had a nose injury and it hurts and still swollen after 3 mos. But nothing showed up on catscan, it feels broken and hurts... READ MORE

Have 5 Blows to my Nose Changed Its Appearance?

My nose has taken 5 seperate blows on 5 seperate occasions. A ball, a fist, a knee, a skull and an elbow. When i got hit with the fist and the knee I... READ MORE

Will a dorsal hump caused by an injury go away? (photos)

Hello everybody im a 21 year old male , and i noticed about 1 week ago that one side of my nose has dorsal hump that extends to the front of the nose.... READ MORE

Nose Cartilage Fracture Help? (photo)

Seven months ago when I was playing basketball, a man headbutted me in my septum (full speed). I heard a crack and it hurt a lot, I was pouring out... READ MORE

What is the Process of Correcting a Nose That Was Damaged by an Impact 10 Years Ago? (photo)

When I was young I flew off a seesaw and hit my nose. I never told my parents but they noticed that I became nasally when I talked. Years later I told... READ MORE

Have I Permanently Affected my Nose and if So when Can I Get a Nose Job to Fix It? (photo)

Hey there ! Im a 16 yr old gir When i was like 13 it got big ,wide and shapeless since i was 3 years old I have this habit to rock backwards and... READ MORE

Piece of Skin Torn from Lower Edge of Nostril (Between Nose Tip and Face)--nostrils Are Now Asymmetrical? (photo)

I recently (within week) took a bad fall riding my horse and fractured my nose and wrecked my face. I lacerated the skin on the nose, requiring... READ MORE

Attempted to Reduce Nose Bone and It Worked Temporarily

I had a minor injury a couple of months ago, just a bit of pain. I noticed my nose got bigger and formed a bump. So a couple days ago I just about had... READ MORE

Did I Break my Nasal Septum Fracture or Just Has Bruising?

Last night I fell in the bathroom and could only remember my head being smashed back and forth between the toilet bowl and the sink. I had a bad... READ MORE

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