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Cause and Solution for Nose Indented on One Side?

My nose used to be perfectly symmetrical from both sides when I was younger (I'm 17 now), until recently. I've noticed that one of the sides indents... READ MORE

How can an indentation caused by liquid nitrogen used to freeze a seborrheic keratosis on the bridge of my nose be healed?

A dermatologist used liquid nitrogen to freeze a seborrheic keratosis on the bridge of my nose two weeks ago and I'm very concerned that it's going to... READ MORE

What is This Indention in my Baby's Nose? (photo)

My baby was born with an indention in the nose. No one in our family has this indentation in the nose tip. Will it grow together? READ MORE

How can I fix my indented nose? (Photo)

I recently was elbowed on the nose while playing basketball, went to an urgent care they said it wasn't broken or fractured. Is this an easy fix? It... READ MORE

I Got Hit on my Nose by my Car Door and There is a Huge Dent. Does That Fill In? (photo)

Yesterday I closed the rear door on my nose! now there is a linear dent left. Will that fill in over time? READ MORE

Is my Uneven Nostril After Accident Fixable?

I suffered an accident just over a year ago that left my right nostril scarred. After a couple months I started to notice a bit of indentation and it... READ MORE

Is indent in side nose repairable? Can a piece of broken cartilage come out decades after an injury?

Had nose trauma when young and always had trouble breathing through one nostril, 30 yrs later I blew my nose and noticed something white and hard with... READ MORE

Developed a sudden indentation on one side of my nose tip, how to correct? (Photo)

My nose has always seemed to tip to the left but now it tilts more to left than before, there is also a hole and shadow on the right side of the tip... READ MORE

Will a minor nasal collapse improve over time?

I suffered from minor nasal trauma, no blood - no pain (some stuffiness though), a month ago and I think there's a minor collapse going on on the... READ MORE

Nose Changing After Surgery?

At three months after surgery my doctor gave me two shots in different locations to reduce the swelling. The one area now is indented and doesn't look... READ MORE

Indent on nosetip after vascular lesion was removed. During radiosurgery procedure slight bleeding was noticed. (photos)

How to treat it? I had a vascular lesion on the tip of my nose, roughly about 4mm by 4mm . Circular and brownish black in colour. I went to the... READ MORE

Indented Alarplasty Scars. Will Dermal Fillers Be Able to Fill in the Indentations?

I am 7 weeks post-op following an alarplasty that extended into the nostrils and which has left an indented scar about 1 cm long in one nostril. I am... READ MORE

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