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Ear Cartilage Vs Implant for Flat Bridge and Wide Nose

The surgeon I consulted with said he doesn't want to use rib cartilage, and that I probably don't have enough ear cartilage to use. Is an... READ MORE

Does a Premaxillary Implant Change the Appearance of the Nose?

Does a premaxillary implant have the potential to change the appearance of the nose I like my nose but want more fullness between my nose and mouth.... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Replace a Silicone Nose Implant After Several Years?

I've had my silicone nose implant for about 4 years now and I have never had any complications with it. Though my friends tell me that I have to... READ MORE

Nose Contraction After L-silicone Implant Removal?

Hi doctors.. I had my L-silicone implant removed 2 weeks ago and my nose seems like having contraction. I had the implant just for 3 weeks. The tip is... READ MORE

Removing Silicone to "Reverse" a Nose Job?

So, I added a silicone impant to my nose to heighten it but since losing weight my nose looks so high that it becomes flat... so I was wondering if... READ MORE

Radix Implants

Does anyone recommend a radix implant specifically made for the radix region as a last resort?. ive been looking at the medpor website and they have... READ MORE

Asian Nasal Implant Removal

Asian nose job was done 3 weeks ago. If one does want the implant, how soon can it be removed, so original nose is conserved? Will the nose look the... READ MORE

Getting Married 3 Months After Nose Surgery: Enough Time For Swelling to go Away?

Hello! I will be getting married after 102 days(3months). And before that, I am planning to have a Nose Silicone Implant and Alar Trimming. Is the... READ MORE

Could Post-Surgery Swelling Eventually Influence the growth of Scar Tissue?

I didn't have rhinoplasty but had premaxillary implant put in through an incision in my nose, aswell as cheek implants placed 8 weeks ago and then... READ MORE

Pain and Swelling from Nasal Implant

I had silicon nasal implant 5 month ago, since 2 weeks i had pain and swelling at the sides of the colomella, iwent to my surgeon and he prescribe me... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Implant Removal in Houston

I had gore tex implant and also ear graft for the tip 9 months ago, before that I had 2 silicone implant. I want to remove the gore-tex implant from... READ MORE

I Have Medpor Implants in my Nose. Can I Go Scuba Diving?

It now has been 6 months since my rhinoplasty,can I go scuba diving safely? I have medpore in the tip of my nose. READ MORE

Can I Have a Nose Implant While Using Marijuana?

I use medical marijuana and have been for several months. I don't smoke it everyday, but I would say I do it once or twice a week. My question is,... READ MORE

Is my Nose Disproportioned?

I am thinking of a medium implant but I want to know if it will change my front view. READ MORE

Should I get a nose implant to raise the height of the bridge? (photo)

Along with alarplasty, a dorsal implant was suggested to me. Are these implants always synthetic? What's the longevity of such implants? Will the... READ MORE

Implant Types and Expectations

My biggest concern is implant!I know that if I want to achieve the nose I want, I would need an implant, but I'm scared of placing foreign objects... READ MORE

Does Flying or High Elevation Effect the Final Results of a Nose Implant?

Do High Pressure in Aeroplane or Up in the Mountain Spoiled the Nose Implant nose READ MORE

Should I have my nose implant removed?

18 years ago I had septum surgery and recently I noticed that the right side of my nostril was pulling to the right and lower than the left. I went to... READ MORE

Seroma-Fine Needle Aspiration Cost?

How much is the cost of fine needle aspiration of seroma developed after nose implant in New York? Nassau? Port Canaveral? READ MORE

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