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Ear Cartilage Vs Implant for Flat Bridge and Wide Nose

The surgeon I consulted with said he doesn't want to use rib cartilage, and that I probably don't have enough ear cartilage to use. Is an... READ MORE

Does a Premaxillary Implant Change the Appearance of the Nose?

Does a premaxillary implant have the potential to change the appearance of the nose I like my nose but want more fullness between my nose and mouth.... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Replace a Silicone Nose Implant After Several Years?

I've had my silicone nose implant for about 4 years now and I have never had any complications with it. Though my friends tell me that I have to... READ MORE

Nose Contraction After L-silicone Implant Removal?

Hi doctors.. I had my L-silicone implant removed 2 weeks ago and my nose seems like having contraction. I had the implant just for 3 weeks. The tip is... READ MORE

Removing Silicone to "Reverse" a Nose Job?

So, I added a silicone impant to my nose to heighten it but since losing weight my nose looks so high that it becomes flat... so I was wondering if... READ MORE

Radix Implants

Does anyone recommend a radix implant specifically made for the radix region as a last resort?. ive been looking at the medpor website and they have... READ MORE

Asian Nasal Implant Removal

Asian nose job was done 3 weeks ago. If one does want the implant, how soon can it be removed, so original nose is conserved? Will the nose look the... READ MORE

Getting Married 3 Months After Nose Surgery: Enough Time For Swelling to go Away?

Hello! I will be getting married after 102 days(3months). And before that, I am planning to have a Nose Silicone Implant and Alar Trimming. Is the... READ MORE

Could Post-Surgery Swelling Eventually Influence the growth of Scar Tissue?

I didn't have rhinoplasty but had premaxillary implant put in through an incision in my nose, aswell as cheek implants placed 8 weeks ago and then... READ MORE

Pain and Swelling from Nasal Implant

I had silicon nasal implant 5 month ago, since 2 weeks i had pain and swelling at the sides of the colomella, iwent to my surgeon and he prescribe me... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Implant Removal in Houston

I had gore tex implant and also ear graft for the tip 9 months ago, before that I had 2 silicone implant. I want to remove the gore-tex implant from... READ MORE

I Have Medpor Implants in my Nose. Can I Go Scuba Diving?

It now has been 6 months since my rhinoplasty,can I go scuba diving safely? I have medpore in the tip of my nose. READ MORE

Should I get a nose implant to raise the height of the bridge? (photo)

Along with alarplasty, a dorsal implant was suggested to me. Are these implants always synthetic? What's the longevity of such implants? Will the... READ MORE

Can I Have a Nose Implant While Using Marijuana?

I use medical marijuana and have been for several months. I don't smoke it everyday, but I would say I do it once or twice a week. My question is,... READ MORE

Is my Nose Disproportioned?

I am thinking of a medium implant but I want to know if it will change my front view. READ MORE

Implant Types and Expectations

My biggest concern is implant!I know that if I want to achieve the nose I want, I would need an implant, but I'm scared of placing foreign objects... READ MORE

Does Flying or High Elevation Effect the Final Results of a Nose Implant?

Do High Pressure in Aeroplane or Up in the Mountain Spoiled the Nose Implant nose READ MORE

Should I have my nose implant removed?

18 years ago I had septum surgery and recently I noticed that the right side of my nostril was pulling to the right and lower than the left. I went to... READ MORE

Seroma-Fine Needle Aspiration Cost?

How much is the cost of fine needle aspiration of seroma developed after nose implant in New York? Nassau? Port Canaveral? READ MORE

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