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Can I Have a Small Hole in Septum and Will It Heal on Its Own?

I have recently had really bad nasal congestion. I was put on Nasonex. This seemed to help a little however everytime I breathe in my nose makes a... READ MORE

How to Fix Hole in Nose Caused by Cocaine Use?

I have a hole in my nose (still growing) from doing cocaine about 5 years ago. I've stopped the drugs for over 3years now but my nose is falling... READ MORE

I Know It Wont Close, but Will It Get Bigger?

I have a hole in my nose from cocaine use two yrs ago. The hole hasnt caused problems that i noticed but can it keep gerting bigger READ MORE

A Wide Hole in the Nasal Septum?

Hello there, I am a 22 years old male. I had this problem since I was little. I've consulted with the best plastic surgeons here in Riyadh, Saudi... READ MORE

The cartilage in my nose had drastically thinned and developed a hole. How can this be fixed?

I was in a fight,havin my nose broke slightly,and used cocaine for some time,but have since gotten clean! The hole is small but visible hole in... READ MORE

Will a perforated septum get worse if left alone?

I have a hole and I feel like I don't have any major symptoms other than I feel a pressure. If I leave it alone will it get worse? I feel like I am... READ MORE

I have stopped using coke 3 months. I have a hole & Dent in nose. will it fall???

I used cocaine for 3 yrs one of those almost everyday. I noticed about 3 months ago I have a hole in my nose & a dent that is visible. I have not used... READ MORE

How Can I Fix A Hole Due to Cocaine Abuse?

My Nostril Sill Has a Hole Due to Cocaine Abuse 10yrs Ago. It Looks Like Dark Brown Wart but Its Not, Its Just Worn Away. How can I get the sill fixed... READ MORE

Deformed Bone Removed in Nose. Trouble Clearing Nose?

Hi 20years ago i lad a deformed bone in my nose removed. I have always since had trouble clearing one side of the nose the more i blow i get nowhere... READ MORE

I Have Never Done Any Type of Drugs but I Have a Hole in my Nose?

I Have Had Serious Sinus Problems and Infections on a Regular Basis with headaches and lots of bleeding my nose runs constantly I have seen an ent for... READ MORE

What surgery will I need to repair my nose? (photos)

I had a bang on my nose over 20 years ago and I have been blowing and picking it daily ever since. I have now got a hole up my nose between each... READ MORE

How long to wait before having a second surgery to repair a purported septum?

I had surgery to repair a blocked airway due to a broken nose a little over year ago. I recently had a second surgery because the first surgery... READ MORE

Nose cartilage dented after cocaine usage, will it get worse?

So I recently stopped doing coke but I have a dent in both sides of my nose it's not a hole but I could feel the dent. Should I be worried that it's... READ MORE

Nose piercing treatment quotes? (Photo)

I got my nose pierced a little less than a year ago, I've had my piercing out for about a month now hoping that it will close on its own, I've seen... READ MORE

How to close the hole on my nose?

I have been using stud on my nose , now i removed it and I won't like to use .. I got a hole on my nose.please give me suggestion to get back my nose... READ MORE

I had a nose surgery on march 26/2015 and the hole came back, What should I do?

I had nose surgery because I had a hole in it and its been 3weeks I was cleaning it with sinus rinse and I blew my nose and the cartilage came out so... READ MORE

How can I fix my breathing problem caused by a hole in my nose after doing cocaine?

I tried cocaine now I have a hole in my nose and I can't breathe right, what can I do?  READ MORE

I Have Nose Ulcers From Lupus. There is a Hole and Not Much Cartilage Left. What Can I Do?

I have mixed connective tissue disease and have an ulcerated hole in my cartilage of my nose and no one knows what to do about it, the hole is big... READ MORE

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