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Nose Was Hit, Didn't Break but is Crooked Now With Breathing Difficulty, What Can I Do?

I was headbutted about 2 months ago, it didn't bleed or hurt a lot, there was a bit of swelling which went down rather quick. Now i'm worried... READ MORE

18 Mo Ago I Hit my Nose on Edge of Hard Bone and a Bump Formed, How Do I Get Rid of It?

I hit the bridge of my nose, at the edge of where the hard skull bone ends. At the time there was a laceration, but no real swelling, the cut healed... READ MORE

Is my Nose Broken? Can I Fix It Without Surgery? (photo)

My nose was punched 1 or 2 years ago and I did not go to see my doctor as I thought it would recover itself. Clearly it didn't and lately I've noticed... READ MORE

Hit on Nose and Is Crooked. How Long Will it take to Heal? (photo)

Two weeks ago I hit my nose and it turned a little bit to the right. The doctor put it back and told to wait for five days with some bandages on.... READ MORE

Small Bump on the Nose From Injury- Is It Permanent?

I got hit in the nose the other day by the top if my dogs head. It never bled or really even hurt i heard a small cracking sound and assumed it was... READ MORE

Nose Hump After Getting Kicked. What Should I Do?

Hi! Im 16, turning 17 in 4 months. Last april, my best friend kicked my nose. How? I have no idea. But it was a pretty bad impact & every single... READ MORE

I hit my nose 3 months after Rhinoplasty. Is it possible my nose shape might change?

I had rhinoplasty before 3 months today i hit my nose with my bag when i took it to put somewhere above . It hit under my nose with bag zip it hurted... READ MORE

Hit My Nose With a Metal Bar. Hump On Nasal Dorsum? (photo)

Hi, i hit my nose in the gym with a metal bar, it was almost perfectly, but now it has a hump on the nasal dorsum, i went to a E.N.T doctor, he told... READ MORE

Will a Bump on my Nose Heal over Time?

I was headbutted almost 2 weeks ago and I noticed that a small bump had formed on the bridge of my nose and a bit of slight discomfort. My nose is not... READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Nose is Broken? (photo)

A long time ago like maybe 7 years ago I hit my nose really hard on a table side. Evidently I don't remember for I was far too little. Ever since I... READ MORE

I Got Hit on my Nose by my Car Door and There is a Huge Dent. Does That Fill In? (photo)

Yesterday I closed the rear door on my nose! now there is a linear dent left. Will that fill in over time? READ MORE

Is my Nose Broken ?

Hello, Yesterday i was playing football in my room, i fell down and hit my nose. Now when i touch my nose on one side it's normal and on the other... READ MORE

Dropped my phone on my nasal bone 2 weeks after nose surgery on nasal bone. (Photo)

Hey, I made a correction of the nasal bone. 2 wks after the surgery, I dropped my cell phone on the side of the nose and this really hurt cus the... READ MORE

Ok Clumsy Me Ran into a Door Opening, and my Nose Now Hurts Really Bad is It Broke?

Im extremly clumsy and I ran into a door the was opening and pressure came on to my nose instently it started to bleed BAD and i got really dizzy I... READ MORE

Is This Bump a Pimple or Something from the Accident? (photo)

I ran my nose into the back of my brothers head and recently I got a bump on my nose. It feels like a bruise and it's sore but it also looks like a... READ MORE

Swelling for Almost 6 Months and Deviated Septum on the Outside?

I had a blow to the left side of my nose on the 12th of May this year and there was a small cut in my nose that has already healed and dissapeared but... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Broke or Permently Damaged my Nose?

I hit my nose hard on my cousins forehead. IT bled quiet alot but after i tilted my head back a bit, it stoped. i is swollen and i can sleep without... READ MORE

Dropped A Large Object On My Nose, Since Then I Keep Getting Hard,Red, Painful Lumps?

I dropped a big hard infant jumping horse (kind of like a walker) on my nose a little over a year ago, and within the last two months I keep getting... READ MORE

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