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Does Nose Cartilage Heal Itself?

I was recently punched in the face and although I was not hit in the nose, the mid side of my nose on the cartilage seems a little dented. Will this... READ MORE

Does a Nose Go Back to Normal After Breaking?

I recently broke my nose and had it put back into shape by the hospital two weeks after the incident. Although my nose has been put back into place by... READ MORE

Hit on Nose and Is Crooked. How Long Will it take to Heal? (photo)

Two weeks ago I hit my nose and it turned a little bit to the right. The doctor put it back and told to wait for five days with some bandages on.... READ MORE

Can Separated Upper Lateral Cartilage from Nasal Bone Heal over Time?

I think I have a separation of the upper lateral cartilage from the nasal bone and was wondering if the cartilage will re attach over time? READ MORE

How long does it takes for nose cartilage heal after surgery?

I had nose surgery 6 months ago I was very careful but 5 days ago I wanna kiss my fiance sudanley my nose cartilage hit his chick I felt its moved is... READ MORE

Nose Hump After Getting Kicked. What Should I Do?

Hi! Im 16, turning 17 in 4 months. Last april, my best friend kicked my nose. How? I have no idea. But it was a pretty bad impact & every single... READ MORE

How Long Does the Cartilage Take to Heal with No Bone Fracture?

On the upper part of the nose bone and cartilage a sound is produced when i move it gently. How long will it take to heal, a nurse told me that there... READ MORE

I Had a Infected Gore-tex Nasal Implant Removed 4 Weeks Ago. My Face is Still Swollen. How Long for the Healing Process?

I had a infected gore-tex nasal implant removed 4 weeks ago. My entire face is still swollen. How long for the healing process/final result? READ MORE

Does skin graft look like a scab?

I had a deep tumor, and needed a skin graft on my nose. It is now 18 days after, and the graft is dark, like a scab. The dressing was stitched on and... READ MORE

How Long Does a Blow to the Bridge of Your Nose Usually Take to to Recover?

I was headbutted just over a month ago and a small bump on the bridge of my nose has emerged I thought I would give it some time to heal but I feel it... READ MORE

Thin Skin Faster Healing Time?

I am in my third week post operation. My tip was requested to be smaller. More refined. It is very large, bulbous and bigger than before. I understand... READ MORE

Will wound on top of nose heal without leaving a dip from side profile? (photos)

I am 7 weeks post op from having a botched batton graft on my right nostril. I had 2 previous surgeries and this time it left a nasty gash on my nose... READ MORE

Nose cartilage dented after cocaine usage, will it get worse?

So I recently stopped doing coke but I have a dent in both sides of my nose it's not a hole but I could feel the dent. Should I be worried that it's... READ MORE

Broken Nose 5 Fractures?

I have a broken nose with 5 fracture i have my marraige after 1 month and will have 3 -4 weeks to heal after that i am going to honeymoon do i need to... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Skin to Grow Back to Cover Nose and Scar to Reduce?

Alar Base Reduction. I have Narrowing Wide Nose & Nostrils to make it look smaller. After remove stitch from my nose, my skin does not seem to... READ MORE

I Had a Shave Biopsy Done on my Nose on 4.5.12. Will the Divot Fill in with Time? (photo)

The area has a noticable divot. Will that fill in as the healing progresses? It has been two days since I had it done. Pictures attached. Do you... READ MORE

Severe Pain Inside Left Nostril - Will a Cortisone Injection Help Heal?

I have a severe pain just inside the my left nostril to the inside surface. A 2% lidocaine solution will dull the pain but it keeps coming back. My... READ MORE

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