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I'm Wondering if You Can Actually Move Your Nose Back into Place Years After I Had a Broken Nose?

I get alot of headaches and I know some of them stem from my nose being broke when I was 17, and now I'm 36. I have been able, or so I think, to... READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Nose is Broken? (photo)

A long time ago like maybe 7 years ago I hit my nose really hard on a table side. Evidently I don't remember for I was far too little. Ever since I... READ MORE

Broken Nose, Deviated Septum, Cartilege Deformity? (photo)

I've broken my nose several times, most recently 6 months ago. Last week I fell on some ice and since then its hard to breathe, i get severe... READ MORE

Trauma to the Nose Affects Cartilage and Make It Look Big?

When I was 12 I took a hard blow to the left side of my nose. I know that's where I got the hump and the reason why my nose is sorta crooked, I'm... READ MORE

My husband has a broken bone spur in his sinus cavity. He has terrible headaches from this. Can this be operated?

Can this be operated on with out risk of death? Where could he go to have this done? And if it cannot surgically be removed is there any relief for... READ MORE

Have a Lump in My Nose That Causes Me Discomfort?

Have lump inside nose ,have headaches ,my teeth get really sore and when i press on it inside my nose yellowish fluid like infection comes out .Do i... READ MORE

My dog broke my nose less than a week ago, now I have a fever and constant clear liquid coming out of it and a horrible cough.

My dog was jumping on the bed when I was leaning down and hit me and pushed up the end of my nose, this happened on Sat March 14th, I finally went to... READ MORE

Having Issues With My Nose/Head/Eyes. What Could Be the Problem?

I broke my nose twice long time ago and I have a bone sticking out; sometimes i have problems breathing especially when im asleep. Two months ago I... READ MORE

I Have Never Done Any Type of Drugs but I Have a Hole in my Nose?

I Have Had Serious Sinus Problems and Infections on a Regular Basis with headaches and lots of bleeding my nose runs constantly I have seen an ent for... READ MORE

How long does a head ache last after a broken nose?

I broke my nose on March 14th, and I have had a horrible head ache that only goes away if I push downward on the skin on my forehead and then it feels... READ MORE

Is This Suposed to Be What Happens After a Nasal Septoplasty Surgery?

I had a nasal septoplasty surgery yesterday and i have been resting. i threw up a few times (normal).but today i have a massive headache and my eyes... READ MORE

5 day post-op and never ending headache with sinus pressure and aching gums. Is it normal?

The aches don't get better with prescribed pain medication. Can I take Excedrin which has caffeine? I get a dull headache on top of my head and and at... READ MORE

Headache before nose surgery. Is it safe to get nose surgery?

I had a trauma about 10 days ago and my head was hurting since then I vomited the day after twice.I bro my nose but my head is hurting my eye is still... READ MORE

Why am I still having headaches?

I broke my nose when I was little, I could only breathe out of my right nose passage. I have always had severe headaches and the doctor said if he... READ MORE

Can a broken nose 6 months ago cause headaches now even though I had surgery to fix it?

I was in a bad car wreck - my nose hit the steering wheel and I had to have surgery to correct it. Now 6 months later I am having really bad headaches... READ MORE

Septal surgery failure. Any suggestions?

I had my septal surgery done around 15 years ago. After 3 years I started feeling uncomfortable. I went for consultation and doctor said that my... READ MORE

Did I Break my Nasal Septum Fracture or Just Has Bruising?

Last night I fell in the bathroom and could only remember my head being smashed back and forth between the toilet bowl and the sink. I had a bad... READ MORE

Can NHS Help Me in This Case or I Need to Do Nose Job Separately?

Since I was 10-11 years old I have often had nose bleeding. Also my ears always make too much wax, which seems it is related to my nose problem.... READ MORE

Headache on a daily basis along the eyebrows and nose after going through Functional Endoscopic Sinius Surgery?

I had FESS done on March 6th 2014 and i was advised to get back to work after a week and a half by my surgeon. My recovery was slow however after i... READ MORE

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