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What is This Bump Growing on the Side of my Nose? (photo)

Growing a bump on the right side of nose. It feels hard when i touch it. Had rhinoplasty in 2006 at age 18. Do I need surgery to fix it or is there a... READ MORE

What Age Does a Girl's Nose Stop Growing?

I'm 13 and my nose is a little big. Is there an age it will stop growing and even out with the rest of my face? READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Nose? Bump Started to Form? (photo)

Had a straight nose until I was around 14, no have grown a dorsal hump. Past 2 months been having strong nose bride pain and trouble breathing. I have... READ MORE

I Know It Wont Close, but Will It Get Bigger?

I have a hole in my nose from cocaine use two yrs ago. The hole hasnt caused problems that i noticed but can it keep gerting bigger READ MORE

I Have a Small Nose Bump, but Looking at Baby Pictures It Was Never There?

I have a small nose bump and I wanted to know can a nose bump just grow? I never had a nose bump when I was really young. I started to see the nose... READ MORE

Can Nasal Alar Cartilage Spontaneously Grow?

The left side of my nose has begun to change shape in the past two years, resulting to the dislocation of the nasal tip to the right. A bump (bossae?)... READ MORE

Does the Nose Continue to Produce Oil and Grow After Age 20?

Hi I have thick skin on my nose , i see black dots on my nose , so I think I have oily skin , my nose and nose tip is large , I want to know does my... READ MORE

Does the hump/bump on your nose all of a sudden grow larger and larger?

I'm 23 years old, and I noticed that the bump of my nose is kind of white on the side. Knowing me, it's possible I've always had it and just never... READ MORE

Do Nasal Bumps Get Worse As You Get Older? I Am 13.

I have a slight nasal bump at the minute and i never had it when i was around 10 or 11, i have now developed one and it is not too big and i could... READ MORE

What is this growth inside my nostril? (photo)

I have a growth inside my nostril. It is red. It's been there for a couple of months. When I used to scratch it it would bleed for a long time and... READ MORE

Does a Twitch Cause the Bone in my Nose to Grow. It Feels and Seems That Way?

I am 52,broken my nose twice and had rhinoplasty around 18 years age.I have a twitch in my nose which has worsened since feeling a dull ache in the... READ MORE

I have a growth on my nose (photo)

Hey doctors...I have had a growth on my nose for prob 5 has not gained in size and is painless...same colour ad my skin.. it's on the left... READ MORE

Is There a Remedy for Growing Nose?

I'm a 32-year-old African American male. I have high blood pressure, no rosacea. When I take any anti-hypertension medication, my nose seems to... READ MORE

Will my Nose Back Small As Before?

Hiii i'm a boy and i'm 14 years old and my nose was very small and it became bigger than before and i want to know if it will back small as before???... READ MORE

Does Cartlidge Become Redistributed by Movement?

I have read up somewhere that cartlidge becomes redistriuted by movement - does this mean that this changes the appearance of your nose , If this is... READ MORE

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