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How do you know when your nose has stopped growing?

I'm currently 14 and want to have surgery to correct my nose which was injured. Apparently you have to wait until your nose has fully developed. But I... READ MORE

My Son is 14 and His Nose Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger and Turns Red. Any Insight?

His small nose is now a large Roman nose and unusually large for his face. It turns red all of the time as well. I am beginning to wonder if he broke... READ MORE

What is wrong with my nose profile? I'm 13 and really insecure about just my nose. (photos)

Yes I am 13, and I am sure I'm still growing, It's just that my nose from the side is so weird to me. Both my parents have perfect straight noses fit... READ MORE

What is wrong with my nose? (photos)

My nose is extremely crooked & I hate it! My right nostril is wider than my left nostril & it makes me look like a witch. I would love to get surgery... READ MORE

I was born with a crooked nose, as its growing it's hurting at the tip like pushing through skin? What can be done? (photo)

My nose has been crooked since birth, it's really horrible looking and gets me down, as its growing it seems to be wanting to push out the skin to the... READ MORE

I have a daughter who has a very long nose and is only 11 years old. Is this normal? (photos)

I wanted to ask u if the nose would stop growing by a specific age or is it not normal for a child to have a long nose like that and also if there is... READ MORE

Thickening/hardening of Nose Cartilage?

For 2 years, I've had an area on the end of my nose where the cartilage is thicker/harder than the rest of my nose. It started as a small, round spot,... READ MORE

Why is my Dorsal Hump Getting Bigger?

Im too young for sugery. but i reasearched and i got told if you press on your dorsal hump it does not get bigger but why when i pressed hard on it ,... READ MORE

I had nose surgery and my nose tip continued growing, I have thick and olive skin on nose, is Depomedrol injection good? (photo)

Now since I am going to have malaroplastic (with medpor implants) to solve the malar ipoplasia connected to third class malocclusion, I have asked the... READ MORE

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