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What are the Differences Between these Two Kinds of Struts, Caudal Extension Graft Vs. Septal Extension Graft?

What is the difference between the two types of struts, and when are they indicated? Are they both as powerful/stable? Can both affect lip... READ MORE

Ethnic Rhino, Is A Strut Required If Increasing The Nose Tip Projection?

What is the difference between a columella strut and a shield graft? I'm due to get a columella strut soon to increase tip projection and elevate... READ MORE

Diced Cartilage and Fascia Graft for Bridge Augmentation?

I have recently heard the new method of nose bridge augmentation by using patients' own cartilage that is diced and wrapped with a fascia. Many... READ MORE

Is a Spreader Graft Supposed to Make Your Nose Look Extremely Wide and Bulbous?

I specifically, told my doctor to keep my nose looking as similar as possible without altering the appearance too much. I look completely different. I... READ MORE

I Want to Have my Rib Graft Removed from my Nose. Will Recovery Be the Same As the Original Procedure?

I only want the rib graft removed from my nose and nothing else. I know my nose will not go back to it's origianl state. I wanted to know if my... READ MORE

Can a Spreader Graft Be Removed After It Has Been in Place for Several Years?

I had a non-functional (i.e. not for breathing purposes) spreader graft inserted several years ago; the graft was inserted merely to improve... READ MORE

Grafts for Aging Nose

Which grafts, besides a columnella strut, could you place to strengthen the cartilage framework in the tip to correct a aging nose? Will this grafts... READ MORE

Regarding One of my Previous Questions About the Grafts Detaching...(This Was a Revision).

Regarding one of my previous questions about the grafts detaching...To clarify the Dr. said he put a tiny graft on either side of my nose up at the... READ MORE

Is Using Steroid Injection in my Condition Better Than Surgical Correction? (photo)

I've underwent a plastic surgery of my left narrow nostril, for which, a skin graft was used. The narrowing has slightly improved and the plastic... READ MORE

Risk of using septal cartilage for nasal valve surgery.

My ENT is referring me to a plastic surgeon for nasal valve collapse correction. It is quite severe even at rest. I have already nasal nerve damage... READ MORE

Removal of nostril lumps after lateral crural graft?

Hello, My surgeon placed lateral crural strut grafts, resulting in lumpy protrusions along the inner sidewalls of my nostrils, and I've since had... READ MORE

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