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My black eye/bruise don't go away 2 months post op after Nose surgery for fractured nose. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a Fractured nose, and after putting in place, I got a black eye and swollen for two weeks and after two months I still have the left eye with a... READ MORE

Can a Nose Go Back to Shape After a Minor Nasal Fracture Caused to It?

I recently got three minor nasal fractures 2 in the nose and one on my cheek. The doctor tells me that the shape is changed but it's very minimal. He... READ MORE

Fractured Nose: Callous Formation or Bone?

I fractured my nose 5 days ago. The healing process has been surprisingly quick; swelling has subsided and pain is minimal. However, there is a bump... READ MORE

What Questions Should I Ask an ENT Before Surgery on my Nose?

I'm planning to have surgery with an ENT doctor next month. He is fixing my deviated septum, my fractured nose (closed) and turbinate hyper trophy... READ MORE

Can a small septal hematoma go unnoticed?

I think I fractured my nose about a year ago but never got it checked. Recently, it's started to look crooked and the cartilage looks like it is... READ MORE

Should I see a physician for a possible fractured nose?

I was hit in the face at my nose two days ago. There was immediate bleeding mostly from the right side and a quarter size blood clot was pulled out... READ MORE

Nose Still Swollen 4 Months After Injury?

I fractured my nose over 4 months ago but the injury did not seem severe and I never visited a doctor. I had all the main symptoms associated with the... READ MORE

Painful Nose and Swelling Three Years After Surgery for a Fractured Nose? (photo)

I have fractured my nose twice, 2001 and 2009 each was followed by surgery to repair. After the first surgery everything healed properly and I never... READ MORE

Can an Old Nasal Fracture Be Rebroken by Pressure? How Can I Fix This Lump?

About five years ago I suffered a non displaced nasal fracture in the lower third of the nasal bone. Last year I became almost obsessed with the... READ MORE

Broken nose. How long do I need to wait before having surgery?

Hello, I broke my nose playing softball one week ago. I immediately went to the ER where they told me they could not put it back into place until the... READ MORE

How to Fix a Double-fractured Nose?

I have a 5-year-old deviated septem, due to trauma. Three weeks ago, I fell asleep with my glases on and woke up with a swollen nose, extreme headache... READ MORE

Closed reduction nasal fracture cast fell off. Should I be worried?

I had closed reduction for a nasal fracture on Thursday it is now Monday and my hard external cast has fallen off.. Should I be worried? Or put it... READ MORE

severely comminuted nasal bone fracture outcome via closed reduction. Can you explain what takes place?

What happens if you have a severely comminuted nasal fracture, the nasal bones have splintered into several segments, and it is repaired through... READ MORE

Fractured Nose After Roller Blading Accident

I was roller skating with my son, and had a severe collision with him. X-rays done and given pain medicine and antibiotics. Doctor at the hospital... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a nose fracture that does not show up on CT scan?

I had a nose injury and it hurts and still swollen after 3 mos. But nothing showed up on catscan, it feels broken and hurts... READ MORE

Do I Need Surgery After Closed Nose Reduction from Fracture? (photo)

Recent ski accident fractured my r. nasal bridge by eye & caused depr. of nose on the right side.left nasal bone cracked. ent perf. closed nose... READ MORE

I Fractured my Nose Last Week and Its Becoming Crooked. What Should I Do?

I Fractured my Nose Last Week and As Its Healing Its Becoming Crooked. What Should I Do? READ MORE

Nose Cartilage Fracture Help? (photo)

Seven months ago when I was playing basketball, a man headbutted me in my septum (full speed). I heard a crack and it hurt a lot, I was pouring out... READ MORE

Broken Nose 5 Fractures?

I have a broken nose with 5 fracture i have my marraige after 1 month and will have 3 -4 weeks to heal after that i am going to honeymoon do i need to... READ MORE

Will repairing a fracture nose affect my orbital floor fracture. Can my eye sink in more if I repair the nasal fracture? (photos

I have decided I want to get my fractured nose repaired after 3 months. I received a blow to the eye and it cause an orbital floor fracture and a... READ MORE

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