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Nose Surgery for Breathing Problems

I have breathing problems and snoring because I have kind of a flat nose and was told that rhinoplasty surgery can correct this.  But I am afraid... READ MORE

My Nose is Literally Flat and Wide! I Have No Nose Bridge! Would Surgery Work? (photo)

My nose is literally flat and wide! I have no nose bridge! What would need to be done. I want it thinner and my nose bridge higher. Would this be... READ MORE

Removing Silicone to "Reverse" a Nose Job?

So, I added a silicone impant to my nose to heighten it but since losing weight my nose looks so high that it becomes flat... so I was wondering if... READ MORE

Nose Seems To Get Flat When I Smile. Should I get the tip refined or a full Rhinoplasty?

Hi there, I am a 26f and I am looking at getting the tip of my nose refined. Everyone else in my family has a refined nose and mine seems to appear... READ MORE

Do I Have a Broken Nose? (photo)

I am suspicious that my nose was broken when I fell from mid air from a swing when I was 6 yrs old. I am Chinese and everyone in my family has... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Improve the Appearance of my Nose? (Photos Provided)

I dislike the flat, boxy tip of my nose and the fact that it seems to have very defined edges like a cube. I'm wondering if it's possible to have the... READ MORE

Developed a lump after breaking my nose at the bridge. What could it be?

After breaking my nose at the bridge. I develop a lump on it, but day to day after it changes. I can push it flat. So what would This be? And how... READ MORE

How Much Improvement Can a Rhinoplasty Do? (photo)

My nose is flat, round, and tip-less. I really want a triangular nose. Can Non-Surgical rhinoplasty bring this much change? If not, will surgical... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get my nose done although it's flat, if so how much will it cost

My nose is flat an annoying I would prefer a button nose do you think it's possible for me to go through having a nose job if so how much READ MORE

I have no nose cartilage, why? (Photos)

I was born without a nose cartilage. My nasal bone is really wide and looking at my nose from the side it's quite flat. What could this be? READ MORE

I have had 2 previous surgery and am very unhappy with my nose. Seen two doctors with 2 different views

Have seen 2 doctors with very different view. i am very confused. first doctor is ENT surgeon who believes to use collagen to corret my flat nose and... READ MORE

Post Fibrous Popule Removal: Best Treatment for a Scar?

On November 29, 2010 I had a fibrous popule removed from the left side of my nose. There used to be a dent a few months after the removal, but now the... READ MORE

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