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What Could I Expect from a Nose-job?

I Do not like my nose. I feel like it is too big. When I smile it gets really wide as you can see in the picture. The tip of my nose is large and the... READ MORE

Will The Stretching of Scar Tissue Cause Distortion of The Nose's Final Shape?

2 questions : will stretching of the scar tissue or any other kinds of tissue on places like the nostril wing and nasal tip cause distortion? also,... READ MORE

Broken My Nose Twice in the Past 11 years and Looking Into a Closed Reduction. Will it Look Like My Original Nose?

I broke my nose 11 years ago and then again last Thursday. My question is about the closed reduction I'm looking into (I know I need to get on it... READ MORE

Does Flying or High Elevation Effect the Final Results of a Nose Implant?

Do High Pressure in Aeroplane or Up in the Mountain Spoiled the Nose Implant nose READ MORE

I Had a Shave Biopsy Done on my Nose on 4.5.12. Will the Divot Fill in with Time? (photo)

The area has a noticable divot. Will that fill in as the healing progresses? It has been two days since I had it done. Pictures attached. Do you... READ MORE

Is my Nose Crooked? Will It Change? (photo)

I had my nose done 12 days ago. I wanted the surgery was because I had a bulbous and droopy tip. The day the cast was removed I didn't like it... READ MORE

Osteotomy Eye Positioning Height ?

Can nose surgery and osteotomie make my eye protrude or look higher than the other side, is this true? The eye bulging happened around the same time... READ MORE

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