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Cost and Recovery to Fix Broken Nose and Deviated Septum?

The cartilage at the tip of my nose is broken off from the rest of the bridge of my nose. I have a deviated septum. My intake of air has been... READ MORE

Basic Costs of Tip Plasty?

I need tip plasty done on my nose,how much is the basic cost??/thank you READ MORE

My Nose is Not Straight and Long. What Can I Do?

I m 28 yrs old, female. My nose not straight and long. It is inclined towards the right side of the face. Is there any way that it can be... READ MORE

What Procedure Shortens the Length of Nostrils?

My nostrils are long and narrow. I very much dislike the shape. Is there a procedure called nostril tightening? Is it a simple procedure? READ MORE

Can I Make my Nose Narrow Without Making It Look Pinched?

Hi, I'm a 25 year old girl and feel that my nose is too wide. My nose looks a lot like the model in this picture and I like how her results look... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Building Up the Bridge of my Nose?

From the side, the bridge of my nose is lower than the tip. From the front, my tip is rather round (take a look at my other post for a front-view... READ MORE

Alarplasty for Asymmetrical Nostrils - Average Cost?

One nostril is higher than the other and i would like to get it fixed soon. READ MORE

Ear Cartilage Vs Implant for Flat Bridge and Wide Nose

The surgeon I consulted with said he doesn't want to use rib cartilage, and that I probably don't have enough ear cartilage to use. Is an... READ MORE

14 year old getting a nose job?

Can a 14 year old girl get a nose job? She has completly sure she wants this for the rest of her life READ MORE

Reducing an Over-Projecting Tip ("Pinocchio Nose")

My doctor has suggested 2 ways to reduce the over projecting tip. 1 way would be to remove a piece from the columella to pull down the over projecting... READ MORE

Is There a Medical Excuse for Getting Rhinoplasty?

My parents will not let me get surgery. I was wondering if I can make up a medical excuse they would. But I want an excuse that a doctor can not prove... READ MORE

Hanging Columella: It hangs all the time even when I smile, it makes it more apparent.

I have a hanging columella. It hangs all the time even when I smile. It makes it more apparent. Thats the only thing I want to change about my nose.... READ MORE

Possible to Combine Nose Job and Shortening Upper Lip Distance - Cost?

Hello, is that possible to do nose job and shortening upper lip distance to nose surgery and lip agumentation together what about filling the... READ MORE

Gore-Tex Implants to Create Philtral Columns Above Lips?

I had a sub nasal lip lift and the surgeon put gore-tex implants to create philtral columns above my lips. (between lips and nose) It is very hard and... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Widened, Flared Nostrils Caused From Jaw Reconstruction?

Last year I had an upper jaw reconstruction, due to my teeth being nearly one inch apart. Maxio-facio MD said nose would be tipped up some. Forgot to... READ MORE

Is Ear Cartilage a Proven Material for Alar Rim Grafting?

I only have ear cartiledge left and don't want to use rib. I had my right nostril alar notching improved with a septal graft but it might not have... READ MORE

How to Shorten Distance Between Nose and Upper Lip?

Dear Dr, What is the best suggestion to shorten the distance of upper lip to the bottom of the nose? however I do not like to have gummy smile if... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Rasp Down the Corners of Naturally Square Top Nasal Bones?

Is it possible to just rasp/file down the nasal bones in a closed rhinoplasty procedure on a nose that has square/flat top nasal bones instead of a... READ MORE

Can a Nostril Flare/alar Be Narrowed? Is That Part Considered Cartliage or Skin?

Can a nostril flare be narrowed? Does that consist of cartilage or skin? READ MORE

Possible to Have Silitex Augmentation Only on Upper Nose Bridge?

I am a Asian. My nose has a pointed tip, not flat or bended. So I dont want any nose tip work but a bit higher bridge on my bridge from the mid-part.... READ MORE

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