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Dorsal Hump Growth

My question is about the size/shape of the nose and the dorsal hump. If my father has a dorsal hump and I do as well, will my hump/nose grow to be the... READ MORE

Dorsal Hump Due to Injury

I was hit directly on the nose by a car door about 4 weeks ago. There was bruising and redness initially at the bridge. I iced the area but there is... READ MORE

Will My Dorsal Hump on my Nose Even Out?

Hi i am 16 years old and over the last 2 years i have noticed my nose form a dorsal hump. Will my nose eventually evan out? READ MORE

Is It Too Much To Fix Septum, Hump, and Tip In One Surgery?

Since rinoplasty is the hardest facial surgery there is & the more you want 2 fix, the more risk there is: Is/could a septum,tip & hump... READ MORE

Will Nose Surgery Make Philtrum Appear Too Long? (photo)

I have finally decided to go ahead with nose surgery. My doctor will remove dorsal hump, bring nose closer to the face and rotate the the tip slighty... READ MORE

Why is my Nose Getting a Hump/bone at Age of 18?

I always had a perfect straight nose till i woke up one morning and saw a really ugly hump on my nose. I don't remember hitting on something or... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Fix a Overprojected Tip and Dorsal Hump Cost?

My nose has a bulbous tip and my nose has a dorsal hump which from the side makes my nose look overprojected. READ MORE

My Nose is Straight but I Have a Dorsal Hump. Cost of Removal in Washington State?

From most angles my nose is straight. But if i turn completely to the side you see my dorsal hump. How much would it be to remove it? Seems like its a... READ MORE

Will a dorsal hump caused by an injury go away? (photos)

Hello everybody im a 21 year old male , and i noticed about 1 week ago that one side of my nose has dorsal hump that extends to the front of the nose.... READ MORE

Can the right-side triangle nasal bone get back in the original place after trauma?

I had been kicked in the right side of my nose the so, the right right side triangle bone had been gone inside about 1 millimeter in clear limits I... READ MORE

Is It Likely to Pass Along my Nose Hump?

I'm a guy who plans to get a nose job to reduce a hump. I know that surgery usually has a stigma to it and I don't plan to tell anyone about it. My... READ MORE

Why is my Dorsal Hump Getting Bigger?

Im too young for sugery. but i reasearched and i got told if you press on your dorsal hump it does not get bigger but why when i pressed hard on it ,... READ MORE

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