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Common Deviated Septum Symptoms

How do I know if I have a deviated septum?  What symptoms do most people experience when they have a deviated septum? After hitting my... READ MORE

Cost and Recovery to Fix Broken Nose and Deviated Septum?

The cartilage at the tip of my nose is broken off from the rest of the bridge of my nose. I have a deviated septum. My intake of air has been... READ MORE

Why is One of my Nostrils Bigger Than the Other, but Yet I Don't Have Breathing Problems? (photo)

Just wondering if I have what many say is a deviated septum. Just wondering what it would cost for a more symmetrical look. READ MORE

Surgery Needed for Broken Nose and Slight Deviated Septum?

I broke my nose 5 days ago from an accident at home. I went to see a plastic surgeon today in NYC, found an MD on the net. I was told that I have a... READ MORE

Deviated Septum Nose Surgery - Go to a Plastic Surgeon?

It may sound strange but I like the way my nose looks, it just doesn't work that well, especially the right nostril. I had an E.E.N.T. doctor do... READ MORE

Can a perforated septum heal itself?

I have a perforated septum most likely from nose surgery a year ago to correct a deviated septum or from using a nasal steroid to treat allergies for... READ MORE

Who Do I See First for a Deviated Septum?

I am almost positive that I have a deviated septum, as I have lots of breathing problems. However, I also want my nose fixed for cosmetic reasons, and... READ MORE

Bumps on Either Side of Nose

Hi - I've got many issues with my nose...and finding the whole experience pretty depressing. I have two bumps on either side of my nasal bones. On... READ MORE

Can a Septum Deviation Correct Itself Overtime?

I'm a 16 year old male with a crooked nose. Recently i visited a doctor regarding my crooked nose. The doctor told me that i have a septum deviation... READ MORE

Should I Let my Son Play Basketball with a Broken Nose?

My son broke is nose today and x-rays show the interior bone is deviated. He has a basketball game tomorrow and wants to play. Should I let him play? READ MORE

Deviated Nasal Bone Fix? (photo)

Hi, my nose is slightly crooked and deviates to the right. It was not caused by trauma but I was hoping that it could be fixed with injections to fill... READ MORE

Can you break your nose without it hurting? I had nose trauma and I've had a deviated septum ever since. Can this be fixed?

I've had some trauma to my nose. It never hurt. Never bled. The trauma was when I was 16, so my nose was fully grown. My nose did not change shape.... READ MORE

Crooked Nose Caused by Sever Deviated Septum: Will Insurance Cover Surgery?

I am very insecure and want to live my life to the fullest but feel so insecure to leave the house. i have had trouble breathing since a child and my... READ MORE

Where can i get a deviated septum surgery by laser?

I heard deviated septums can be corrected by laser READ MORE

Will Getting Surgery on my Deviated Septum Straighten my Nose? (photo)

I broke my nose some years back and now it is all messed up. I have a appointment with a ENT soon to get it checked out. But i am just wondering if... READ MORE

Do I have a deviated septum if I get headaches and breathe better in 1 nostril? Also, how much to fix just the tip of my nose?

I have always had horrible headaches and I feel i breathe better in one nostril. also, I have a horrible pointy tip on the end of my nose. about how... READ MORE

How to straighten little tilted nose?

I'm 16 years old male, I discovered that may nose is tilted little right. I have severe septum deviation, and am planning for Septoplasty when I'm 18.... READ MORE

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