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Can Trying to Mold Nose with Fingers Cause Permanent Damage?

I read somewhere that cartilage is made primarily of water and can be molded. I held my fingers and applied pressure near the bridge of my nose for 30... READ MORE

I had my cartilage damaged. How long does the swelling subsides?

Nearly six weeks ago I was punched in the side of the nose and the ENT said I had cartilage damage. The affected side / nostril still appears swollen... READ MORE

Dropped my phone on my nasal bone 2 weeks after nose surgery on nasal bone. (Photo)

Hey, I made a correction of the nasal bone. 2 wks after the surgery, I dropped my cell phone on the side of the nose and this really hurt cus the... READ MORE

Round Tip Swelling After Septorhinoplasty

Hi. I had a septorhinoplasty 18 months ago. There has always been slight asymmetry of the tip since the procedure, with a rounded swelling on one side... READ MORE

Possible damage inside of nose. Persistent swelling? (photos)

I broke my nose a decade ago. Year later, had an op on NHS. Since operation, I have had many problems, such as dry skin, only on nose. Over the years,... READ MORE

Swollen Nose and Treatment? (photo)

My nose is swollen, got it damaged somehow 4 days ago. If i touch it it isn't feel like my old nose, its like touching bumpy thing. Looks like it just... READ MORE

Hi I'm just wondering what is up with my nose it seems to look crooked and have excess cartlidge. Thoughts? (photo)

What could this be? I got punched in the nose a few years back and had a doctor re straighten it could this just be how it has healed? I can't say for... READ MORE

Can someone give me some advise on a treatment to repair the damage tissue on my nose as a result of acne? (photos)

My name is Anton I'm 21 and I'm from the Caribbean.I began suffering with acne at age 13, my acne was mild but it was severe on my nose and I am... READ MORE

2 months post op Nose Surgery, I injured it few days ago with the door and it started bleeding. Will this damage my result?

I am a 17 years old girl. I hurt my nose with the door and it started bleeding from inside,a surgery was made to my nose 2 months ago READ MORE

Hello, I wonder if my nose can actually be fixed (for real)?

My nose has been broken four times in my 49 years. Besides the VERY obvious outside damage, there is also internal damage (a giant hole inside), due... READ MORE

Self-Manipulation of Nasal Cartilage - Can I Reverse Damage?

I am a female that has been been pressing, twisting, and pulling my nose alter its shape for the last 1 1/2 years. I feel i have changed the shape of... READ MORE

Have I Damaged my Nose Cartlage By Putting Constant Pressure on My Nose? (photo)

I have pressed my nose for a really time thinking it will become smaller. but i feel i have damaged my nose and it has become big(maybe because of... READ MORE

Picked Right Nostril 2.5 Weeks Post Nose Surgery: Right Side of Nose Immediately Swelled

The swelling occured in the area where my nose is pinched. It also hurt when I touched it right after the swelling occured but doesnt hurt anymore. I... READ MORE

Does anyone know what this is? Nose damage? Cartilage/Bone issues? There's a white, torn substance coming out of nose? (Photo)

In my right nostril in these pictures, there's this white, kind of rubbery stuff that seems to be exposed and torn in there. What is it? PS. I've seem... READ MORE

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