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How Can a Retracted Columella and Hanging Alar Be Fixed?

I have what I think are called hanging ala and a retracted columella and I was wondering how/what procedures can be done to fix it? I don't know... READ MORE

Isolated Hanging Columella Surgery Implications? (photo)

I have a hanging columella & the inside of my nostrils show a lot (particularly right profile). I’ve never had a rhinoplasty & I’d like to cor... READ MORE

Ethnic Rhino, Is A Strut Required If Increasing The Nose Tip Projection?

What is the difference between a columella strut and a shield graft? I'm due to get a columella strut soon to increase tip projection and elevate... READ MORE

Cost to Reduce Hanging Columella?

So I have a hanging columella and I hate it. I like the rest of my nose except that and thats all I want done. I heard most they time all they do is... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reposition the Columella?

Is it possible to have the Columella ( hopefully that is the correct name, the area the incision is made for a open rhinoplasty ) moved slightly... READ MORE

Cost Approximation for Uneven Columella? (photo)

On the left (my right) you can see that the one side of my columella hangs approximately 3 millimeters lower than the other. I would like to even out... READ MORE

After Nearly 7 Months, Tip and Columella Are Still Stiff, is This Normal?

After Nearly 7 Months, Tip and Columella Are Still Stiff, is This Normal? READ MORE

I have large nostrils and a long nose tip. I have decided not to go with a rhinoplasty and want a minor nose surgery. (Photo)

I opted out of having a rhinoplasy . When I push down slightly on the tip, I like what I see. I told the doctor what I want but he said that it will... READ MORE

Can I Get Help With Lots Of Questions 2 Months After Rhino? (photo)

So it's been 2 months since rhino, I have some questions on nose shape. First, will the columella, nostrils and tip decrease in size or is this the... READ MORE

I Think I Have a Hanging Columella? (photo)

I am very self conscious about my nose. Sometimes I dont want to smile because my nose dips down overlapping my top teeth so much and looks... READ MORE

Is my Tip Too Large? 5 Months Post Op. (photo)

I have heard it takes the tip (if you've had tip work done) to loose it's swelling. Is this true? It's been 5 months, I'm wondering how much more the... READ MORE

My wife had plastic surgery on her nose. What's the recovery period & chance of improving the shape of her nose? (Photo)

My wife went through a plastic surgery for her nose after a terrible car accident she had several fractures in her Nose & collumela missing> For which... READ MORE

Is a Columelloasty what I need? (Photo)

Is it the Columelloasty what I need? I had rhinoplasty from a few sports injuries. This was done in 2011. Now, it seems my columella is very crooked.... READ MORE

What Kind of Result Can I Expect if I Undergo Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I have a nonexistent columella, my bridge is very narrow towards the top of my nose (giving it a kind of triangle shape), and I have large, weirdly... READ MORE

We are looking for help repairing a deep unnatural, angulated crease and columella/philtrum appearance for my 16 yo son. (Photo)

Julien now 16 was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. He had numerous procedures including a columella graft which pushed the tip of the nose up... READ MORE

Revision Nose

Can a clicking too long columella strut be trimmed by making an incision inside the mouth near the upper gums. I notice there is this little thing... READ MORE

I Received an Email from Surgeon- Can I Ever Look Normal Again After Rib Grafts and Spreaders. Who is the Best Surgeon for This?

I have to get grafts and spreaders along bridge in my nose.Used from Rib. I have a v deformity. Twisted columella. One small & 1 huge nostril.... READ MORE

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