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Reattaching Lower Lateral Cartilage to the Nasal Spine?

After a case of trauma, the left side of my lower lateral cartilage became deviated from my nasal spine (when I push up and in on it I can hear it... READ MORE

How to Fix a Stretched out and Possibly Deviated Nose Tip?

Over the years I had developed a bad habit of constantly pulling quite hard on my nose tip as a way to relieve stress and several months ago it seems... READ MORE

Is It Possible For Spreader Grafts To Collapse That Were Inserted Into Each Side of the Nose?

Is there a possibility of them collapsing or are they usually placed in there so nothing can damage them? READ MORE

Fractured Zygomatic Arch Needs Repairing, Again. Are There Any Permanent Solutions? (photo)

I fractured my left zygomatic arch, 5mm indent. I had it fixed w/ surgery 30 days later (!!!) without plates, but he warned it may not stick. Anyway 2... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Describe to Your Dr How You Want Your Nose to Look?

Hi What is the best way to really make your Rhinoplasty surgeon understand how you want your nose to look like.#2 I found one of the best Rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Planning 2nd Nose Job? (photo)

Hi. I broke my nose 15years ago and had a nose job 2 y-ago. Now I breathe better while asleep, the nose is thinner and the profile looks better but... READ MORE

Can a Collapsed Nasal Valve Cause a Permanent Slight Swelling over the Maxillary Sinus Area of the Same Side?

I have a permanent slight swelling over the maxillary sinus area which flares up every so often but never goes away. I had a rhinoplasty operation... READ MORE

Can a Fairly Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Extreme Dryness and Congestion?

Hello, I'm trying to find out if a pretty severe nasal valve collapse can cause extreme dryness and congestion on the collapsed side. You can... READ MORE

Can this be an alar pinching/ collapse? (Photo)

I had an open septorhinoplasty exactly 4 weeks ago to correct my deviated septum as well to make my nose straight. What I wanted was to be able to... READ MORE

Can a Rough Exam with a Speculum During ENT Visit Contribute to Nasal Valve Collapse?

I recently went for a follow up to an ENT doctor after bumping my nose. Everything was fine - just mild deviated septum. But the day after that exam,... READ MORE

What is the Process of Correcting a Nose That Was Damaged by an Impact 10 Years Ago? (photo)

When I was young I flew off a seesaw and hit my nose. I never told my parents but they noticed that I became nasally when I talked. Years later I told... READ MORE

Nose Job Open or Closed Techinque?

When having a nose job is 4mm a lot and will I notice a huge big change or just a little. In terms of open & closed nose jobs can a Dr. give same... READ MORE

Will a minor nasal collapse improve over time?

I suffered from minor nasal trauma, no blood - no pain (some stuffiness though), a month ago and I think there's a minor collapse going on on the... READ MORE

What is the Risk of Tissue Collapse if a Reconstructive Surgery is Needed to Straighten out 2 Botched Up Plastic Surgeries?

I had 2 deviated septum surgeries by plastic surgeons. I just found out that there is a large bone spur left (or caused) in the maxillary area which... READ MORE

Do you have experience in nose reconstruction from cocaine abuse?

I don't have much of my nose left and I'm worried it is going to collapse. How do I go about this? READ MORE

Should the Dr fix this for free, caused bump at end of my nose which is getting larger, looks like boil, almost?

A year and half ago I had to have surgery because one side of my nose was collapsing because of facial paralysis. I went to the Dr and he built up the... READ MORE

Success rate of perforated septum and where to go?

I have been told by an ENT Specialist, a month ago, that I indeed have a perforated septum and the hole is quite large and my nose can collapse at any... READ MORE

Is using Saline Rinse safe after having multiple procedures done in nose?

Some of my sinuses had collapsed so they were stitched up, polyps were removed and a bone was take out. I am nervous to put water and the pressure... READ MORE

How Do I Prove Medical Necessity of UPPP? (photo)

Insurance denied my UPPP because my AHI is 9.4. Anthem Blue Cross's standard for medically necessary is AHI 10-15. I have been on CPAP, BIPAP, even... READ MORE

Graft After Alar Collapse

Around two weeks ago.I had a spreader graft for alar collapse and another graft to correct a twisted tip, is that possible? its a revision (second... READ MORE

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