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Can a Nose Change with Age?

When I was in middle school (6th grade) my nose was a little wide and bulbous. But now that I am in high school, it seems a lot more narrow and sharp.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Completely Change my Nose Shape? (photo)

There are four nose changes I want: 1. I want the base to only be one inch wide. Right now the base is almost two inches wide. 2. I want the bridge to... READ MORE

At What Age Does the Nose Stop Changing?

I am 16 years old(boy) and I would like to, if possible, predict an overall image of the shape of my nose in the future. READ MORE

Will nasal polyp change face structure?

I developed nasal polyp it didn't respond to steroids (flicsonase Currently I am unable to breath through the nose completely most of the time of the... READ MORE

I hit my nose 3 months after Rhinoplasty. Is it possible my nose shape might change?

I had rhinoplasty before 3 months today i hit my nose with my bag when i took it to put somewhere above . It hit under my nose with bag zip it hurted... READ MORE

Im 17 1/2 & I Want to Get a Nose Job. Im Worried That my Nose Shape Will Change Drastically?

I don't want to have to have another one in 5 years. Is this a possibility? READ MORE

Can the Practice of Martial Arts Permanently Change my Nose?

I will be starting kickboxing soon, and I will eventually be hit in the nose. Is there any change of permanent damage from it? Like my nose becoming... READ MORE

Having nasal cautirization. Will my nose change shape? Could I wear my eye glasses afterwards? Also will it alter my voice?

Having the nasal cautirization due to difficulty in breathing and sinus infection mainly because allergies that cause inner enlargements READ MORE

Massive Change of Nose Shape Normal? (photo)

Hi I am 15 and Japanese. I have a flat nose with a nostril that was round when I was 12. However when I was 13 years old my nose started to become... READ MORE

I was lying down on the bed when a medium sized wooden picture frame fell on my nose. Will this change my nose permanently?

I have hit my nose several times before, once quite hard where it bled and caused a permanent bump on my nose. Since then I've been insecure and... READ MORE

What should I do? What has exactly happened to my nose? (Photo)

2 months before my nose was hit by a fight. The side which was hit has gone inside. It has changed its shape. There is no problem in breathing. But... READ MORE

Is a Nose Job and Different Hair Cut Are Enough to Make Me Unrecognizable?

I mean, i want to change my personality so people who knew me before will NEVER recognize me. That is why i need cosmetic and surgical operations.... READ MORE

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