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I Have Developed a Dimple in the Middle of my Nose Which Becomes More Defined After Excercise, Why?

I have recently noticed the development of a dimple in the middle of the tip of my nose. The dimple seems to be where the cartilage and the nose bone... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Nostrils Cause?

Hi, In the picture the bottom of the septum protrudes into one nostril, is this what they call "cadual deviation"? My doctor says my nose is... READ MORE

What is This Indention in my Baby's Nose? (photo)

My baby was born with an indention in the nose. No one in our family has this indentation in the nose tip. Will it grow together? READ MORE

Crooked Nose, Looks Like I'm Missing A Piece of Flesh On Edge of Nostril and Sunken In?

My nose is crooked ,i have never been hit in my face or anything it looks like i'm missing a piece of flesh on the edge left nostril and it's... READ MORE

Can a Fairly Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Extreme Dryness and Congestion?

Hello, I'm trying to find out if a pretty severe nasal valve collapse can cause extreme dryness and congestion on the collapsed side. You can... READ MORE

Could Upper Lateral Cartilage of Moved with the Slightest of Pressure?

2 days after my splint was removed (8 days post opp) I was trying to wipe the side of my nose (as it was sticky from an external metal plate splint).... READ MORE

Antibiotics Arent Working After Nose Surgery?

For twelve months I have been on antibiotics..from augmentin to levequin and avalox and most recently a sulfer based antibiotic. On a scale from one... READ MORE

Can a Rough Exam with a Speculum During ENT Visit Contribute to Nasal Valve Collapse?

I recently went for a follow up to an ENT doctor after bumping my nose. Everything was fine - just mild deviated septum. But the day after that exam,... READ MORE

This has been going on for 3-4 years now, and I'm curious as to why it has gotten to such a bad state? (photo)

I'm 18 and my crooked nose has been getting worse each year. My breathing through my right nostril is pretty awful, which makes me assume I have a... READ MORE

What causes subjective nasal congestion?

I have chronic nasal congestion for years.I have visited many ent specialists and plastic surgeons.all of them said that my nose is open since nasal... READ MORE

Soft Lump Inside Left Nostril? (photo)

Hello I woke up this morning with a soft bump inside my nostril, very close to the bridge of the nose. It is not painful in anyway but when I feel it... READ MORE

Can Pushing Your Nose Make It Crooked?

Can Pushing Your Nose Make It Crooked? READ MORE

Did I break or dislocate something in my nose?

As I was pulling on a tight top 2 weeks ago, it pushed on the right side of my nose and I heard a click but it didn't hurt/bleed/bruise. Later, the... READ MORE

Nasal problems. Any ideas of what could be going on that isn't noticeable?

I had a nasal obstruction done last Sept, it was a success. However I'm having blockage in the upper right nose, it feels like I have a small cotton... READ MORE

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