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Can I Get Rid of This Nasal Hump Without Surgery? And if Not, What Must Be Done to Have a Better Profile? (photo)

I'm "okay" with how my nose looks from the front; The only thing that seriously bothers me is the fact that I can notice my "little... READ MORE

Can a Broken Nose Be Fixed Five Years After the Incident?

I've broken my nose in 8th grade and I am now going to be an incoming senior in high school. I have a problem breathing in my right nostril. Is there... READ MORE

Can you break your nose without it hurting? I had nose trauma and I've had a deviated septum ever since. Can this be fixed?

I've had some trauma to my nose. It never hurt. Never bled. The trauma was when I was 16, so my nose was fully grown. My nose did not change shape.... READ MORE

Is There a Medical Excuse for Getting Rhinoplasty?

My parents will not let me get surgery. I was wondering if I can make up a medical excuse they would. But I want an excuse that a doctor can not prove... READ MORE

Nasal Scarring, Breathing Problems, Snoring; Is Nose Surgery the Answer?

When I was 12 I broke my nose and had surgery to repair it. I am now 48 and having trouble sleeping (my husband tells me I snore...a lot...and wonders... READ MORE

Good Candidate for Long Nose Tip Correction?

Hello, I was wondering if my nose is too long for my face. Does it take up 1/3 of my face from my glabella to the nose tip for ideal proportions? I... READ MORE

Is my Nose Way Too Big? Should I Consider Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I've always hated my nose. I've never seen another person with a similar nose as mine. I feel its way too big. Should I consider a rhinoplasty :\? READ MORE

Crooked Nose, Looks Like I'm Missing A Piece of Flesh On Edge of Nostril and Sunken In?

My nose is crooked ,i have never been hit in my face or anything it looks like i'm missing a piece of flesh on the edge left nostril and it's... READ MORE

Can I Get a Nose Job if I Have a Scar on my Nose?

I have a scar on the bridge of my nose from falling over that I picked the scab off of so it healed poorly and there's some discolored/sort of... READ MORE

Swelling for Almost 6 Months and Deviated Septum on the Outside?

I had a blow to the left side of my nose on the 12th of May this year and there was a small cut in my nose that has already healed and dissapeared but... READ MORE

Can a Surgery Be Done on a Real Thick Skin Nose? (photo)

For the last 5 years i have always thought of a nose surgery but with the research that i have done it seems that nothing can be done to my bulbous... READ MORE

Please Suggest if I Will Take Alar Plasty or Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Im man so i REALLY didnt want something that everybody would notice. READ MORE

I Have a Mild Deviated Septum. What Are My Options?

I can't breathe thru one of my nosrils when i hold the other one ..I was told I have a mild deviated spetum ..the opening to my nose on that side... READ MORE

I Had a Basal Carcinoma Removed 8yrs Ago. Can I Get my Nose Fixed?

8yrs ago, I had a basal carcinoma removed and it has misshapen my nose. The surgeon cut a flap to remove it and when it healed, the tip pulled to one... READ MORE

I Fractured my Nose Last Week and Its Becoming Crooked. What Should I Do?

I Fractured my Nose Last Week and As Its Healing Its Becoming Crooked. What Should I Do? READ MORE

Photoshop Rhinoplasty! Can This Image Become a Reality? (photo)

Here we have a profile view of my face. The image on the left is how I look now, the image on the right shows how I would like my nose to look. Can my... READ MORE

Can Rhinoplasty Make my Nose Look Better?

I've always thought my nose is too big Recently Can Rhinoplasty help me make it look better? What needs to be done? READ MORE

Thickening/hardening of Nose Cartilage?

For 2 years, I've had an area on the end of my nose where the cartilage is thicker/harder than the rest of my nose. It started as a small, round spot,... READ MORE

Dropped A Large Object On My Nose, Since Then I Keep Getting Hard,Red, Painful Lumps?

I dropped a big hard infant jumping horse (kind of like a walker) on my nose a little over a year ago, and within the last two months I keep getting... READ MORE

Asymmetric Fold Around Left Side if Nose Bridge and Eye?

It seems like i have excess skin around the inside of my left eye, and gives my face an assymmetrical look. Wondering what the procedure would be to... READ MORE

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