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Bumps on Either Side of Nose

Hi - I've got many issues with my nose...and finding the whole experience pretty depressing. I have two bumps on either side of my nasal bones. On... READ MORE

Surgery to Flatten and Widen Straight and Narrow Nose?

I have a straight, protruding nose that is very narrow. I would like to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon who understands the noses of all races... READ MORE

Huge Bumps Each Side of my Nose. I Suspect That It's Because I Have Broken my Nose Several Years Ago when I Was a Child?

My nose have two huge bumps each side of it, they looks like balls, they are very solid and stretch my nose wider. I have typed "nose bone" on the web... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Nose Bleeds Two Years After Surgery?

I had nose surgery almost two years ago. I get nose bleeds in my right nostril about once a week maybe less. The top of my nose is thin and has... READ MORE

How Do I Fix a Bump on my Nose That is Slanted to One Side?

I have a big bump on my nose that is slanted to one side. I'm only 14 years old but have noticed this for 2 to 3 years now. My profile on my left... READ MORE

Have 5 Blows to my Nose Changed Its Appearance?

My nose has taken 5 seperate blows on 5 seperate occasions. A ball, a fist, a knee, a skull and an elbow. When i got hit with the fist and the knee I... READ MORE

Nose Looks Worse After Rhinoplasty, It`s Far Too Thick and There Are More Bumps Than Before? (photo)

I only had the operation 4 months ago as I broke my nose when I was younger resulting in a pretty noticable bump, it was made shorter but also much... READ MORE

What is the process to remove bumps on nose tip? (photo)

I have had 2 surgeries since I posted this question one year ago. The bumps are still there and look exactly the same. This photos is 2 months after... READ MORE

Is my nose broken or fractured? (Photos)

I have a bump on the right side. Nose doesn't hurt, I breath normally, it just looks ugly. I do have black and blues under my eyes but not severely.... READ MORE

Dropped A Large Object On My Nose, Since Then I Keep Getting Hard,Red, Painful Lumps?

I dropped a big hard infant jumping horse (kind of like a walker) on my nose a little over a year ago, and within the last two months I keep getting... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Revision Surgery

I have had nose surgery twice by 2 doctors. my 1st nose was much smaller, narrower and much prettier.they ruined my nose.the 1st doc did it as open... READ MORE

Bumps on Nose After Injury?

Hello About 2 months ago I was hit on the nose pretty hard. I got an x-ray and there is no fracture. However I have developed some bumps on and around... READ MORE

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