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Why Do I Always Feel a Heavy Pressure at my Nose Bridge?

Most of the days I would always have this heavy pressure on my nose bridge. The strong pressure is where my nose bump is. I had this nose bump 16-17... READ MORE

Can Wearing Eye Glasses for Long Periods of Time Cause Bumps or Dents on the Nose?

I have been wearing my specs since I was 9 years old (I am now 21) I was wondering if this is a contribution to the little bump on my nose.. READ MORE

Is Bump After Broken Nose from Swelling or Permanent? (photo)

I broke my nose about a week and a half ago, just a small nasal fracture, and there's this little bump that never used to be there. The bruises are... READ MORE

What is This Bump Growing on the Side of my Nose? (photo)

Growing a bump on the right side of nose. It feels hard when i touch it. Had rhinoplasty in 2006 at age 18. Do I need surgery to fix it or is there a... READ MORE

I accidentally hit our washroom door and caused small bump on my nose bridge. Can this pressure cause the bump to grow bigger?

After hitting the door I felt pressure on the left side of my nose bridgr. It wasnt painful but caused small bump on left side of my nose bridge.... READ MORE

18 Mo Ago I Hit my Nose on Edge of Hard Bone and a Bump Formed, How Do I Get Rid of It?

I hit the bridge of my nose, at the edge of where the hard skull bone ends. At the time there was a laceration, but no real swelling, the cut healed... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Nose? Bump Started to Form? (photo)

Had a straight nose until I was around 14, no have grown a dorsal hump. Past 2 months been having strong nose bride pain and trouble breathing. I have... READ MORE

Small Bump on the Nose From Injury- Is It Permanent?

I got hit in the nose the other day by the top if my dogs head. It never bled or really even hurt i heard a small cracking sound and assumed it was... READ MORE

I Have a Small Nose Bump, but Looking at Baby Pictures It Was Never There?

I have a small nose bump and I wanted to know can a nose bump just grow? I never had a nose bump when I was really young. I started to see the nose... READ MORE

Nose Hump After Getting Kicked. What Should I Do?

Hi! Im 16, turning 17 in 4 months. Last april, my best friend kicked my nose. How? I have no idea. But it was a pretty bad impact & every single... READ MORE

Bumpb Regrowth After Rhinoplasty on the Nose Bridge?

8 months ago I had a nose surgery to remove the bump on my nose bridge. They also straightened it because I had problems breathing through my nose.... READ MORE

Can pressing on your nose PERMANENTLY damage it?

I thought cartilage was flexible so lately I've been pressing on my nose, trying to flatten the LITTLE bony bump. I thought it might work. But ever... READ MORE

Broke my Nose in Basketball. What Do I Do?

So i had a normal nose that i loved until i got hit in the nose with a basketball couple of years ago that's when i got a bump on my nose and as time... READ MORE

Fractured Nose: Callous Formation or Bone?

I fractured my nose 5 days ago. The healing process has been surprisingly quick; swelling has subsided and pain is minimal. However, there is a bump... READ MORE

How Easy is it to Remove This Bump on my Nose?

I would like to know that is it easy to remove this bump one my nose because the bump on my nose is not very big. Is it safe to remove the bump on... READ MORE

Bump and Slightly Crooked Nose from Being Broken - is There ANY Possibility Insurance Would Cover This? (photo)

I broke my nose about six months ago. There's now a small bump (that never used to be there) and it's crooked, but only noticeable to most people if I... READ MORE

Can This Bump on my Nose Be Reduced?

The only thing I dislike about my facial features is the bump in the middle of my nose. Is there a procedure to minimalize it? READ MORE

Nasal Bump/misaligned Nostrils? (photo)

Since my nasal bump only shows up on one side, I thought I might have a deviated septum (I do get sinus infections frequently). Also, why is one of my... READ MORE

Soft Lump Inside Left Nostril? (photo)

Hello I woke up this morning with a soft bump inside my nostril, very close to the bridge of the nose. It is not painful in anyway but when I feel it... READ MORE

After an Allergic Reaction to Latex Nose Pads on my Glasses, I Developed a Raised Bump on One Side of my Nose. Recommendations?

After an allergic reaction to latex nose pads on my glasses, I developed a raised surface on the left side of my nose. Is it possible to have that... READ MORE

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