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My Nose is Bruised and Sore, and I Have a Black Eye. Could my Nose Be Broken? (photo)

I was hit with a phone (accidentally) and it caused immediate bruising, swelling, and bleeding. I woke up with a black eye, and the bruising on my... READ MORE

My black eye/bruise don't go away 2 months post op after Nose surgery for fractured nose. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a Fractured nose, and after putting in place, I got a black eye and swollen for two weeks and after two months I still have the left eye with a... READ MORE

Ok Clumsy Me Ran into a Door Opening, and my Nose Now Hurts Really Bad is It Broke?

Im extremly clumsy and I ran into a door the was opening and pressure came on to my nose instently it started to bleed BAD and i got really dizzy I... READ MORE

Is There a Logical Explanation to Why my Nose (I Am 19 Days Post Op) Looks So Great in Person but Absolutely Horrid in Pictures?

I had a ton of bruising and swelling. i actually bruised on my lower cheeks as well from swelling up so much. i am an extremely slow healer so i wasnt... READ MORE

Bruise / Pigmentation Near Tip 4 Months After Primary Nose Surgery?

Hi, About four months post surgery, a dark spot started to appear where my bridge meets the tip of my nose where the nostril indentation would be. (My... READ MORE

I have a dark shadow on my nose almost 3 weeks after a closed reduction for a broken nose that is not going away (Photo)

This is my 3rd broken nose and with the other 2 I didn't have long term bruising. I am now 46 years old and very worried this dark shadow won't go... READ MORE

Chronic Allergy Causes Swelling?

So due to the allergies, my nose is always swelled looks larger than normal, with a slight blue bruise on top of the nose right under the forehead. A... READ MORE

I got a punch on left side of my nose. It bruised my left eyelid & the area is swollen. I used ice for 3 days. What can I do?

In a week bruising and swelling recovered,but nose was paining.slowly level of pain reduced but not fully & clicking noise was coming when touched... READ MORE

Bruising Returned After Nasal Surgery?

Hello, I got nasal surgery to repair my nose about a month ago. The bruising went away the first week but it has returned. Should I be worried? Is... READ MORE

Seek a doctor? Wait it out? Not sure what to do (Photo)

My son headbutt my nose with the back of his head. Slight bruising and swelling but there is limited air movement through the right nostril. Do I seek... READ MORE

I had a silicone implant in Thailand a month ago and my nose is still swollen. Is it normal? (Photo)

Will it get better long will it takes? Is there any solutions for me to get well in a mean time.curios because there is still bruises and... READ MORE

Is my nose broken and what should I do if so?

Hi, a few months ago, i stupidly ran into a pole and ever since i have struggled to breath properly through my nose and whenever i feel my nose, it... READ MORE

Can anything to done to fix the asymmetry of my 18 month old daughters nose? I'm unsure if it occurred due to injury. (photo)

I recently noticed my toddlers nose seems to be growing assymetrical. It seems taller and more firm on one side and flatter and softer on the other.... READ MORE

Bump on my nose - 7 years post-op surgery for fractured nose. (photos)

This morning my daughter had dropped my phone on my nose causing a bump and bruise ! I had a nose surgery for my nose because I had fractured nose 7... READ MORE

Is my nose broken? Will I need to see a doctor? (Photos)

My nose is big at the top and small at the bottom, I once fell and got a nose bleed. It Doesent hurt Or anything but I think it's broken. It also has... READ MORE

Can You Have a Broken Nose Without Bleeding?

My toddler fell flat on her face 36 hours ago. She had no bleeding and very little swelling. That was Monday night. Yesterday, she looked and felt... READ MORE

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