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I accidentally hit our washroom door and caused small bump on my nose bridge. Can this pressure cause the bump to grow bigger?

After hitting the door I felt pressure on the left side of my nose bridgr. It wasnt painful but caused small bump on left side of my nose bridge.... READ MORE

Narrowing Nasal Bridge & Tip

Is it possible to narrow/thin the bridge of the nose without using any grafts or breaking any bones? Also, what procedure is commonly used to narrow a... READ MORE

What Are my Options for Building Up the Bridge of my Nose?

From the side, the bridge of my nose is lower than the tip. From the front, my tip is rather round (take a look at my other post for a front-view... READ MORE

How can an indentation caused by liquid nitrogen used to freeze a seborrheic keratosis on the bridge of my nose be healed?

A dermatologist used liquid nitrogen to freeze a seborrheic keratosis on the bridge of my nose two weeks ago and I'm very concerned that it's going to... READ MORE

Defining the nose bridge?

Is an osteotomy the only way to define the nose bridge? If someone doesn't want their nose too much thinner, just more defined, could you just shave... READ MORE

Does Pressing Your Nose or Sleeping in a Certain Way Make Your Nose Bridge Thinner?

I have a wide nose bridge ever since I was a kid I press my nose really hard that sometimes it starts to hurt, for a day it seems that little has been... READ MORE

Possible to Fix a Collapsed Tip + Saddled Bridge Cartilage at the Same Time?

I need a primary rhinoplasty for a deviated and collapsed tip (septum is likely deviated as well) and my bridge cartilage is also noticeably... READ MORE

Diced Cartilage and Fascia Graft for Bridge Augmentation?

I have recently heard the new method of nose bridge augmentation by using patients' own cartilage that is diced and wrapped with a fascia. Many... READ MORE

Possible to Have Silitex Augmentation Only on Upper Nose Bridge?

I am a Asian. My nose has a pointed tip, not flat or bended. So I dont want any nose tip work but a bit higher bridge on my bridge from the mid-part.... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Add to the Bridge of the Nose Close to the Forehead?

On the bridge of my nose, right between my eyes, it seems to indent a lot, and makes a very awkward profile image. Can some kind of filler, or maybe... READ MORE

Do Osteotomies Narrow Your Bridge and is it Better to Have Them Done After Bridge Rasping?

Hi, I want to get a bridge reduction in my nose and the surgeon I went to see said that he would rasp to improve the profile however I don't want... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Tip Plasty: Will my Nose Bridge Go Lower?

I had a tip plasty about 2 weeks ago. Before I had the ops, I told my doc to build my tip and reduce the width of my tip. This is my 4th revision. I... READ MORE

Reshaping Nosebridge and Tip? (photo)

Hello, I'm a girl, and I have always been conscious about my nose. I think the tip of my nose is too round, and there's a little hump on my bridge. On... READ MORE

Is there any way to give my nose a shape? (photo)

I feel that my nose has no shape. Is there any way to give my nose a more prominent bridge? Preferably without surgery. Thank you! READ MORE

Large Bridge from Childhood Injury. What Should I Do About my Nose?

When I was 2, I had broken my nose due to an accident when I was at a fair. Or so I am told. Anyway, year after year I watched the bridge of my nose... READ MORE

An Answer for Wide Nasal Bridge Bump? (photo)

Hello, im a 15 year old male and i was wonder how old you have to be for nasal bridge surgery? And typical cost? Have you ever seen the movie avatar?,... READ MORE

Both Sides of Nasal Bridge Are Achy

Is it normal for the nose to ache if the nasal bones have been broken (my surgery was 2 weeks ago)? The pain is not excruciating at all BUT I am aware... READ MORE

Excision of a RT. Nasal Bridge Cystic Lesion Ffg a Furuncleor or Acne?

How much does it cost to fix "Excision of a RT. nasal bridge cystic lesion ffg a furuncleor or acne" ? I went to general physician and he recommended... READ MORE

Could Wide Nose Bridge Be Cause Breathing Problems?

I have problems breathing, and I was wondering if its being caused from the width of the bridge of my nose? Also, when I run I can't get enough air in... READ MORE

Bumped, but Didn't Break, my Nose - is the Bump Permanent?

This morning, I accidentally smacked my nose pretty hard into the wall. It hurt for a few minutes, but didn't bleed and isn't broken. Now I have a... READ MORE

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