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Trouble Breathing Through my Nose - Do or Don't Need Rhinoplasty?

I have trouble breathing through my nose but my doctor says it looks normal and I don't need a rhinoplasty. What should I do? Could my doctor be... READ MORE

Nose Surgery for Breathing Problems

I have breathing problems and snoring because I have kind of a flat nose and was told that rhinoplasty surgery can correct this.  But I am afraid... READ MORE

Crooked Nose Caused by Sever Deviated Septum: Will Insurance Cover Surgery?

I am very insecure and want to live my life to the fullest but feel so insecure to leave the house. i have had trouble breathing since a child and my... READ MORE

Should I See an ENT Doctor For A Broken Nose? And Can I Without a Referral from a Family Doctor?

My nose recently changed shape (huge dorsal hump) in grade 9 after playing tons of sports and being hit in the face with volleyballs (spiked) and... READ MORE

Can breathe right strips make your nose wider?

I suffer from mid vault collapse, vestibular stenosis and turbinate swelling. I am 100% opposed to surgery. I have a nice narrow, small nose and do... READ MORE

Heavy Breathing After Nose Surgery

Dear Doctors, I had nose surgery 3 years ago,but after that i have nose running problem and heavy breathing.if i bandage the nose will help my... READ MORE

Planning 2nd Nose Job? (photo)

Hi. I broke my nose 15years ago and had a nose job 2 y-ago. Now I breathe better while asleep, the nose is thinner and the profile looks better but... READ MORE

After Trauma to my nose I'm having problems breathing, options to fix?

I have been having this problem a while back but I thought it was allergies but its not I've been taking over the counter medication and nasal spray... READ MORE

How painful is recovery?

My docotor tolled me that je can lerform a nose breathing sergury to me but that it will so painfull and that i will be so miserable for 24 hour with... READ MORE

Will my nose heal properly or will I need to get it fixed? (Photo)

My nose was hit with a cricket ball not leather ball and I have no pain in my nose while breathing but it is looking bent, will... READ MORE

How do I know if my nose still has surgical internal swelling?

I had nose surgery over 3 months ago. My nose feels very stuffed. How do I know if this is surgical swelling or congestion related to surgery verses... READ MORE

Could Wide Nose Bridge Be Cause Breathing Problems?

I have problems breathing, and I was wondering if its being caused from the width of the bridge of my nose? Also, when I run I can't get enough air in... READ MORE

Can I study Mongolian throat singing after nose surgery?

My nostril is blocked I am trying to learn throatsinging .This is one of the reason I get nose surgery I want to breath normal and need better nose... READ MORE

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