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severely comminuted nasal bone fracture outcome via closed reduction. Can you explain what takes place?

What happens if you have a severely comminuted nasal fracture, the nasal bones have splintered into several segments, and it is repaired through... READ MORE

Deformed Bone Removed in Nose. Trouble Clearing Nose?

Hi 20years ago i lad a deformed bone in my nose removed. I have always since had trouble clearing one side of the nose the more i blow i get nowhere... READ MORE

I had nasal fracture on 9 September. The ENT went for operation on 11. How much time will it take the bones to heal?

There was a cut was on my nose near right eye doctor applied internal stitch .does it will leave mark on my skin ? I am not satisfied with a shape of... READ MORE

Nostril internal skin attached to the bone (Post Surgery)

I had this nasal surgery for swelling of nasal bone 18 years ago. I am 35 now. At the time of surgery the doctor informed me that due to post... READ MORE

Can I have some help over here please? There is a little bump on the right side of my nose

10 months ago I get into a fight but it happen to be someone who hit me in my nose while I'm not looking after the healing process I realise there is... READ MORE

Since I can remember, I'm 33 now, I have had what was called a "floating bone" in my nose and want it fixed/removed. Options?

Nose with floating bone - options to fix. Restrictions never really bothered me but sleeping has become an issue with age and very obnoxious when ill.... READ MORE

Nose problem which is affected by cold air now the middle bone is band without surgery. How can it be fixed? (Photo)

My age is 32 years old before 2years we are riding the bike early in the morning in winter season and drink very cold water in the morning so that... READ MORE

Is using Saline Rinse safe after having multiple procedures done in nose?

Some of my sinuses had collapsed so they were stitched up, polyps were removed and a bone was take out. I am nervous to put water and the pressure... READ MORE

Is it possible to push your nose bone in by picking your nose too hard (I know it's weird but I'm serious)?

Last Sunday I was in bed and yes, I was just picking my nose for a second. Then all of a sudden I heard my nose bone "crack" and get pushed upwards.... READ MORE

Is it the bump on the side of my nose that is making it look crooked?? (Photos)

It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I am concerned about a bump that is located on the upper right side of my nose bridge. Before my surgery my... READ MORE

I hit a bone inside my nose. Is my nose normal? (photo)

I stuck a pinky finger in my nose earlier. My right nostral was fine but. I could only get up to my nail in my left nostril. I hit a bone Id say its... READ MORE

Does anyone know what this is? Nose damage? Cartilage/Bone issues? There's a white, torn substance coming out of nose? (Photo)

In my right nostril in these pictures, there's this white, kind of rubbery stuff that seems to be exposed and torn in there. What is it? PS. I've seem... READ MORE

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