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My Left Septum is Eroded Due to Cocaine What Can I Do Help This?

Last year I experimented with cocaine for about 6 months, I am not an addict it was more like every 3 weeks at like parties and stuff. this one day I... READ MORE

Cannot Breath Through Nose While Exercising, Whistle in Nose when Inhaling, & Sinus Pain Around Bridge Can This Be Helped?

Was born 2.5 months premature w blocked nasal passages w many suergeries in my first few yrs of life. The bridge of my nose is very wide and even... READ MORE

I took a really bad hit to the nose in rugby and broke my nose, I can't breath through the right nostril. Any suggestions?

I went to see my doctor about my nose because I couldn't breath through the right side because my carlidge is broke and i have a hard lump on the side... READ MORE

Deformed Bone Removed in Nose. Trouble Clearing Nose?

Hi 20years ago i lad a deformed bone in my nose removed. I have always since had trouble clearing one side of the nose the more i blow i get nowhere... READ MORE

Can a traumatized nose heal itself over the years?

I have had many cases of light trauma to my nose, but never a case where it was "smack" actually obviously broken. In fact the shape is still intact... READ MORE

Whats wrong with my nose? (photos)

A round circular bump has been growing on either side of my nose bridge. And it doesn't look natural at all, My nose has also been very stuffy and... READ MORE

Septal surgery failure. Any suggestions?

I had my septal surgery done around 15 years ago. After 3 years I started feeling uncomfortable. I went for consultation and doctor said that my... READ MORE

I had a buckled/bent septum causing my blocked nose. Any suggestions?

I had a buckled/bent septum causing my blocked nose. I had an operation. Large cost. They removed about 1 small finger of material from each side.... READ MORE

How can I cure this breathing problem? My left nostril is smaller than the right. My left nostril block most of the time (Photo)

I have this problem for few years now. It would happen most during cold season. I find it really irritating when I sleep. This past three days I... READ MORE

I had surgery under general anaesthesia to remove nasal adhesions.

I had my surgery 2 days ago. My nose is now completely blocked and there are some big crusts inside the nose, but i do not want to interfere with them... READ MORE

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