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Nose Surgery to Stop Nosebleeds?

Can nose surgery be done to stop frequent nose bleeds? I have never broken my nose, and I've had it looked at by doctors who have given me... READ MORE

Could my son's nose be broken without significant swelling or bleeding? (photo)

My 7 year old fell flat on his face at the skating rink this afternoon. He complained of pain in his nose and upper gums. There was no bleeding, but... READ MORE

Nose Hump After Getting Kicked. What Should I Do?

Hi! Im 16, turning 17 in 4 months. Last april, my best friend kicked my nose. How? I have no idea. But it was a pretty bad impact & every single... READ MORE

I have cracked my nose cartilage. Its sore and uncomfortable. Should I visit a doctor?

I was riding my horse before Christmas and fell of face first into a jump my nose was bleeding and was very sore but I did not have any brushing and... READ MORE

Should I see a physician for a possible fractured nose?

I was hit in the face at my nose two days ago. There was immediate bleeding mostly from the right side and a quarter size blood clot was pulled out... READ MORE

I Accidentally Hit my Boyfriend with a Glass Door and It Was Kinda Hard We Think His Nose Is Broke?

There was blood (not too much) and he said its hard for him to breathe out of his right nostril , no swelling or anything though band he also said it... READ MORE

I Got Hit in the Nose 3 Days Ago and I Blew This (Attached Photo) out of my Nose Today, Should I Go to the Doctor? (photo)

My nose has been on and off bleeding but not severely, but I did bleed a whole lot when it first happened. The white piece came out as is in the... READ MORE

What is this growth inside my nostril? (photo)

I have a growth inside my nostril. It is red. It's been there for a couple of months. When I used to scratch it it would bleed for a long time and... READ MORE

I've Had my Nose Broken for About a Month and Sometimes It Bleeds a Good Amount, and I Want to Know if This is Normal?

About a month ago someone smashed a glass cup on my face and broke my nose, and sometimes it starts bleeding a good amount and I want to know if this... READ MORE

The skin inside of my nose is thin and I keep having one small spot bleed. Any suggestions?

The skin inside of my nose is thin and I keep having one small spot bleed. I had bad allergies this year and got a small scab that seems to not be... READ MORE

My nose is still bleeding 3 days after surgery. Is that normal? (Photo)

Lift side still bleeding, it's was supposed to be stopped after removal Caton. READ MORE

Is my nose broken?

I was reaching out for something and I fell hitting my nose hard on the edge of bed footboard. Heard a crack when I touched nose it cracks never did... READ MORE

Would you say my sons nose was broke?

My son was on a bus the bus jercked and he fell and hit his nose of the bar on the bus his nose bleed straight away and had 2 black eyes foor nearly 2... READ MORE

Do I have a broken nose?

I have a nose trauma. It blead and some dark eyes. But i have no pain in may nose. Its looked crooked. It is just because of the swelling? But i dont... READ MORE

Nose Swells, Peels, & Finds a Pore to Bleed from. What is it?

Hi, I have been going insane for years. And the problem has gotten worse. Over and over my nose will swell with blood. Then the pores and skin gets... READ MORE

I Have Nose Ulcers From Lupus. There is a Hole and Not Much Cartilage Left. What Can I Do?

I have mixed connective tissue disease and have an ulcerated hole in my cartilage of my nose and no one knows what to do about it, the hole is big... READ MORE

A Week Ago I Got a Food Particle Stuck Up Nasal Cavity And Foolishly Used Tweezers in Attempt to Access but Jabbed Lateral Wall?

There was some bleeding and now there is a bruise and a small depression (dent) on the outside around area of lateral nasal cartilage. will this heal... READ MORE

Graft After Alar Collapse

Around two weeks ago.I had a spreader graft for alar collapse and another graft to correct a twisted tip, is that possible? its a revision (second... READ MORE

Can NHS Help Me in This Case or I Need to Do Nose Job Separately?

Since I was 10-11 years old I have often had nose bleeding. Also my ears always make too much wax, which seems it is related to my nose problem.... READ MORE

Should I Worry? Pinched Inside of My Nose Trying to Pluck Nose Hairs?

I was trying to pluck my nose hairs and I accidentaly pinched hardly the inside skin of my nose ( that little bump on the inside of the nostril I... READ MORE

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