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I Am 18 Years of Age and I Have a Sort of a Big Nose. Will Get Bigger?

My Dad has a big nose and I am afraid mine will reach that big, but the good thing is my mom has a really small nose. My nose is the same shape has my... READ MORE

Big Thick Wide Bulbous Nose - Options?

I am considering nose surgery but before I embark in it all I would like to know if my nose can look less like one of those animals from the muppet... READ MORE

Is my Nose Way Too Big? Should I Consider Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I've always hated my nose. I've never seen another person with a similar nose as mine. I feel its way too big. Should I consider a rhinoplasty :\? READ MORE

What Could I Expect from a Nose-job?

I Do not like my nose. I feel like it is too big. When I smile it gets really wide as you can see in the picture. The tip of my nose is large and the... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Surgery in Southern California

The biggest problem for me is that my nose looks huge when I smile and takes over my face. What would a plastic surgeon suggest? Is this... READ MORE

I Know I Need a Nose Job, but Where Do I Begin? (photo)

About six years ago, I noticed a major change in my nose. It's slanted! I had always had a too-big-for-my-face kind of nose, but I honestly had no... READ MORE

Am I Able to Make my Profile More Feminine? (photo)

My facial features, apart from my nose, are quite small and dainty, however my nose is very large in comparison, and I feel it throws of the... READ MORE

What is wrong with my nose profile? I'm 13 and really insecure about just my nose. (photos)

Yes I am 13, and I am sure I'm still growing, It's just that my nose from the side is so weird to me. Both my parents have perfect straight noses fit... READ MORE

Is there a procedure or a cream that can make my nose have a thinner layer of skin? hate how big and thick my nose is (photo)

I hate how thick and out my nose is. I can deal with the it being out but I would love for my nose to not be so thick skinned. In fact it takes up... READ MORE

Another nose surgery? (photos)

Hello, i did a nose surgery 2 years ago, after six monthes, i went to see the doctor for check, he said in 1 year my nose will take its right shape.... READ MORE

Is my nose broken? Will I need to see a doctor? (Photos)

My nose is big at the top and small at the bottom, I once fell and got a nose bleed. It Doesent hurt Or anything but I think it's broken. It also has... READ MORE

Possible Permanent Damage from Pinching Sides of Nose?

I was blessed with my father's somewhat large nose, and my mother suggested I get in the habit of squeezing the sides to help narrow it; the... READ MORE

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