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Why is One of my Nostrils Bigger Than the Other, but Yet I Don't Have Breathing Problems? (photo)

Just wondering if I have what many say is a deviated septum. Just wondering what it would cost for a more symmetrical look. READ MORE

How to Repair Twisted Cartilage

How do you repair twisted lower cartilage? The bottom half of my nose is off center with a C curve in it. It also is developing a parrot beak. The... READ MORE

Alarplasty for Asymmetrical Nostrils - Average Cost?

One nostril is higher than the other and i would like to get it fixed soon. READ MORE

Asymmetrical Nostrils Cause?

Hi, In the picture the bottom of the septum protrudes into one nostril, is this what they call "cadual deviation"? My doctor says my nose is... READ MORE

Can Nasal Alar Cartilage Spontaneously Grow?

The left side of my nose has begun to change shape in the past two years, resulting to the dislocation of the nasal tip to the right. A bump (bossae?)... READ MORE

One of my Nostrils is Smaller. Can This Be Fixed? (photo)

My left nostril is much smaller than my right nostril. This appears to be from cartilage protruding from under the skin closing the gap and making it... READ MORE

Removing Silicone to "Reverse" a Nose Job?

So, I added a silicone impant to my nose to heighten it but since losing weight my nose looks so high that it becomes flat... so I was wondering if... READ MORE

Heavy Breathing After Nose Surgery

Dear Doctors, I had nose surgery 3 years ago,but after that i have nose running problem and heavy breathing.if i bandage the nose will help my... READ MORE

Getting the Best Results Possible? (photo)

I am interested in a primary rhinoplasty and am considering flying to LA from NY. What problems can I encounter by doing my rhinoplasty in another... READ MORE

Will my Asymmetrical Nose Even Out As I Get Older?

I am a 14 year old girl who is very insecure about her nose. When I was younger my nose was adorable. However as I started to go through puberty, I've... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make One Nostril That's Bigger Than the Other Smaller?

My left nostril is bigger than the other (MORE SO than other people.) I was just wondering if it's possible to make it symmetrical with the other... READ MORE

Can I get nostril reduction and tip reduction? (photos)

I have wide asymmetrical nostrils and a bulbous drooping tip, but I DON'T need a full rhinoplasty procedure. I just want to get the bottom half of my... READ MORE

Breathing trouble: could I have a deviated septum? (photo)

I've always had trouble breathing through my nose- when I run I have to breathe through my mouth, and when I have a cold my left nostril seems more... READ MORE

How easily can upper lateral cartilage be disarticulated from the nasal bones?

I was feeling my 18 month old daughters nose trying to figure out why it appeared asymmetrical. She fell out of her swing as an infant and although... READ MORE

Round Tip Swelling After Septorhinoplasty

Hi. I had a septorhinoplasty 18 months ago. There has always been slight asymmetry of the tip since the procedure, with a rounded swelling on one side... READ MORE

My Nose is Asymmetrical and There is Excess Skin on on One Side? (photo)

I have already had one procedure to reduce the overall size of the nose. I am happy with the overall size but would like more definition. I appreciate... READ MORE

Uneven nostrils, is this fixable?

Rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery 3 years ago, not happy with the results. my nostrils are not even. About a year ago I went back to the surgeon and... READ MORE

Can a Slightly Retracted Nostril Be Corrected Without General Anesthesia?

I'm worried about my asymetrical nostrils and was wondering if this procedure can be corrected locally and not under general anesthesia? READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Revision Surgery

I have had nose surgery twice by 2 doctors. my 1st nose was much smaller, narrower and much prettier.they ruined my nose.the 1st doc did it as open... READ MORE

Asymmetric Fold Around Left Side if Nose Bridge and Eye?

It seems like i have excess skin around the inside of my left eye, and gives my face an assymmetrical look. Wondering what the procedure would be to... READ MORE

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