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How Can a Retracted Columella and Hanging Alar Be Fixed?

I have what I think are called hanging ala and a retracted columella and I was wondering how/what procedures can be done to fix it? I don't know... READ MORE

Possible to Have Silitex Augmentation Only on Upper Nose Bridge?

I am a Asian. My nose has a pointed tip, not flat or bended. So I dont want any nose tip work but a bit higher bridge on my bridge from the mid-part.... READ MORE

Is Alarplasty Alone the Answer to my Nose? (photo)

I'm a 19 year old male asian. My questions are. How much is alarplasty worth and if It depends on the doctor, will the price range affect how the... READ MORE

Asian Nasal Implant Removal

Asian nose job was done 3 weeks ago. If one does want the implant, how soon can it be removed, so original nose is conserved? Will the nose look the... READ MORE

Can I Use Only Ear Cartilage Grafts for Nose Tip?

Asian woman31 years old,never had a previous all nose job.Tip of my nose drop.want to lift tip of nose.My surgeon will use only ear cartilage grafts... READ MORE

What Do You Think Are the Best Options for my Kind of Nose? I Know an Implant is the Best Since I Don't Have a Nose to Start w/.

Hello, I have a very small nose Asian like and almost no bridge, horrible, ┬┐what do you think are the best options for my kind of nose? READ MORE

Can people with thin skin nose take a nose surgery?

I have very thin skin on my nose, but I want higher nose. I'm an asian and I am going to take a plastic surgery, but I dont know if I can, because my... READ MORE

East Asian Rhinoplasty. The skin on my bridge and around the nostrils feels tight, and the tip and columella are firm.

I'm 43 days post-op. My surgeon placed a graft (ear & septum cartilage) on my bridge. He also put grafts (ear cartilage) in my tip and columella and... READ MORE

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