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Nasal Surgery Under General Anesthesia for Patient with Braces?

Is it alright to have a septo-rhinoplasty under general anesthesia if I have braces on my upper teeth? Thank you. READ MORE

Nasal Surgery After Accident - Worried About Vocal Cord Damage with General Anesthesia

I'm a singer and I'm worried about having rhinoplasty. weeks ago, I was hit in the nose and I have not been breathing right since. I feel my... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Who Generally Does Anesthesia Do Twilight for Me?

I had my nose done under twilight anesthesia. It was like a breeze. I need another nosejob cos my nose is awful - It's been over a year now, btw.... READ MORE

Can you have a nose job without having anaesthetic injected into your veins? I have phobia of needles going into veins.

Hi really want a nose job but but I have phobia of needles going into veins.Was wondering if you can have anaesthetic without it being injected into... READ MORE

Can a Slightly Retracted Nostril Be Corrected Without General Anesthesia?

I'm worried about my asymetrical nostrils and was wondering if this procedure can be corrected locally and not under general anesthesia? READ MORE

Should I be Put to Sleep to Have Turbinates Removed?

Hi, and thank you for the answers you docs have given me about the scar tissue inside my nose, and worrying about my results. I truly appreciate it. I... READ MORE

Anaesthetic? How do you know your allergic? Had taccycardia, op abandoned, could someone help?

Hi there, I tried to have an op 2010. It was abandened due to being taccycardic, all my ecgs at the hospital including scan of my heart etc were... READ MORE

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