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Does the Nose Right Actually Work?

I'm wondering. Because it says it can get rid of a dorsal bump and even make your nose smaller by shaping cartilage? And can't a dorsal bump... READ MORE

Why Won't Pressure Work to Reshape Nose?

Since the nose is mostly water and is made of cartilage, why wouldn't pressure work on reshaping it? Are there any scientific evidence or articles... READ MORE

Fractured Zygomatic Arch Needs Repairing, Again. Are There Any Permanent Solutions? (photo)

I fractured my left zygomatic arch, 5mm indent. I had it fixed w/ surgery 30 days later (!!!) without plates, but he warned it may not stick. Anyway 2... READ MORE

Are there options to slim nose besides another rhinosplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 3 years ago to fix a hump on the bridge of my nose and a deviated septum. Post surgery my nose is permanently thicker. It used to... READ MORE

"Nose Right" for Upturned Nose?

Hi i was ordering a nose right. I have a up nose (just the tip) and will this help? Will my nose go back to the original shape if I stop using it?... READ MORE

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