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Alarplasty Cost?

How much does alarplasty cost? Does it cost less than a rhinoplasty procedure? READ MORE

Nasal Wing Reduction: Is it Possible?

I wanted to know if it's possible to reduce the prominence of nasal wings/ala? (Please see pic for the specific nose part) I'm not talking... READ MORE

How Can a Retracted Columella and Hanging Alar Be Fixed?

I have what I think are called hanging ala and a retracted columella and I was wondering how/what procedures can be done to fix it? I don't know... READ MORE

Are Alar Batten Grafts Uncomfortable?

How invasive is the surgery for these grafts? What is the recovery time? How noticeable are they? Would I be aware of their presence? My plastic... READ MORE

Alar - Nosewings: Furrow/curve/line Reshaping or Correction?

White 'normal' bit too projected nose. Get a open tip/septum/hump corr. Also lateral view looks like alar furrow line is to diagonal(up) so a... READ MORE

Technique for Treating Hanging/Hooded Alae?

Hello, I have hanging alae and I wanted to know what exactly is done to fix this Is it easy to fix it? Does it leave a scar? Will it change the way... READ MORE

Can this be an alar pinching/ collapse? (Photo)

I had an open septorhinoplasty exactly 4 weeks ago to correct my deviated septum as well to make my nose straight. What I wanted was to be able to... READ MORE

Should I get a nose implant to raise the height of the bridge? (photo)

Along with alarplasty, a dorsal implant was suggested to me. Are these implants always synthetic? What's the longevity of such implants? Will the... READ MORE

Is it possible to stretch the alarplasty incision site as it is in the recovery stage?

I was told I shouldn't laugh for a few weeks, but I honestly couldn't help it... I'm concerned tho because I think my laughing has caused the incision... READ MORE

Risk of using septal cartilage for nasal valve surgery.

My ENT is referring me to a plastic surgeon for nasal valve collapse correction. It is quite severe even at rest. I have already nasal nerve damage... READ MORE

What are treatment (surgical and non-surgical) options for a dent that has suddenly presented in major alar cartilage? (photo)

After suffering from bouts of sinusitis all winter, I became quite ill late-February. I've been treated with antibiotics (Levaquin) and was also given... READ MORE

Unnatural results after sill incisions?

I had an open rhinoplasty three months ago to deproject my tip. My surgeon also performed sill incisions to reduce alar flare. While I am happy with... READ MORE

Dissolvable alar cinch suture affecting my philtrum

It has been 4 weeks after my lefort 1 surgery, my surgeon perform Alar Cinch to prevent my nose to be widen, my philtrum area protruding a lot make it... READ MORE

How Long Can I Expect Scars from Alar Reduction on Nose to Last?

I went for an alar reduction on my nose abt two months before. I was told scarring is to be expected along the boundaries of my nose and face. It has... READ MORE

Can thick alar skin be treated by non invasive face based RF treatment/ultrasonic cavitation/nano-surgery used for face?

Can it be treated by topical aminophylline+caffeine +yohimbine in sub cutaneous carrier(dmso) ? Can it be treated by lecithin + deoxycholate in sub... READ MORE

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